Account Settings not showing


Does anybody else have this problem?

The account settings aren’t showing at all, except for change password and delete account.

Thanks in advance,
Barry Allen

I do not have the problem
What do you get with display profile ??
Did you create the codecademy-account via twitter or Facebook…

@bartholomewallen I’m betting that you probably have already, but did you refresh the browser? And if that didn’t work then did you restart your computer? Turning it off and on again usually works for me :slight_smile:

When I try to look at your profile, this is what I get:

This user’s profile is private.

Are you part of a class at school, where the instructor may have marked the class as containing students under 13 years old?


Yes, I am, as a matter of fact. Although I myself am not 13 years old or under…

I think that explains the lack of access. That is the way those accounts are supposed to behave.