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Hello I have kind of a unique situation. My fiancé is being charged for the pro. The account is actually her ex’s. The card on the account however is hers she doesnt have any info on that account the email and password. How would she go about having her card removed from the account. The ex won’t do it. And it’s continuously charging her. Thanks for any help and sorry if this is in wrong area.

In a situation like this then the only course of action is to go the bank where the credit card is drawn on and order a stop payment. If that is not possible, then ask for a new credit card and cancel that one. Then for sure the payments will bounce. If CC corporate is set on those payments a notice will be sent and then you gain a point of access and contact with the company to register your concern. A caring company would issue refunds retroactive to some date, but I’m not CC, so can’t be held to this on their behalf. At least the money outflow would cease, albeit with some possible fallout.

If a creditor is bent on recovering their losses the debt could be handed to a collection agency. In the US this is not a good thing, and it can ruin one’s credit rating in a banker’s second. How you all deal with this is on thin ice. But you have the circumstances in your favor. If you really want to get in front of this then a lawyer is the ultimate way to do it. Never let it get in a collection agency’s hands.

To help things along, I’ve invited our Community Manager to intervene. Surely nothing so drastic as above will be necessary once things are sorted out. CC should be able to trace the records given the credit card number. From their it’s down to negotiation, and no lawyers need be involved. Shsssssh. Whew!

If you don’t know the account details, then our options are quite limited here. The best way to discuss this further with us would be via our support line:

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