Accidentally lost progress (Learn JavaScript)

So I was browsing through the available courses and noticed two JavaScript courses. I saw the blog post about the newer courses added to codecademy. I was curious about the differences between the two javascript courses, so I started the ‘JavaScript’ course. After a quick look, I went back to my dashboard. Then I noticed a second JavaScript course, with 0% progress.

I didn’t want it in my dashboard, so I reset the progress. The course didn’t disappear though. I tried a few more times and got a bit confused because of my slow computer. Then I noticed both the ‘JavaScript’ course and the ‘Learn JavaScript’ course, which I had just finished, had a progress of 0%.

So I reset my 100% completed ‘Learn JavaScript’ course! Now I’m mad and I want it back to 100%. Is there a way to do that easily?

Thanks in advance,


p.s. here are my achievements

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All of your old JavaScript progress has been deleted because of the course update also

which JavaScript are you talking About?? if you were doing the old that one got deleted so the new one popped out

Thanks for the reply, though I don’t need answers anymore. That’s because I’ve decided not to use JavaScript in the near future and I don’t really care about my statistics anymore. Thanks anyways!