Accidentally charged with annual pro - no opportunity to enter discount code

I am very unhappy with codecademy and I am writing this post to ask for help al well as warn others.
Yesterday night, I received an email with a 25% discount promo code for the PRO subscription. I can’t afford to pay a whole year right now, but maybe I could make a big economic effort and consider doing it with the discount. I am a student and don’t have a job yet so I would also have to discuss with my parents this purchase.

I just wanted to check what the price whould be with the discount applied.

However, when I entered my account and selected annual sub, instead of bringing me to a payment page, with a field to enter the promo code and select my payment method, it says I have changed to annual PRO and 152€ are immediately charged to my bank account. WHY do you send me a discount code and then not even give me the opportunity to enter that code??!! Besides, I just wanted to check the cost, not make a purchase. And I ended up paying full price, instead of discounted.

I immediately opted to cancel my subscription, but that option does not cancel your subscription with a refund as usual. It is actually a “cancel automatic periodic purchase” option and told me my subscription would end in Nov 2021.

I left a message and my email address in support, but I did not even receive and automated response saying my issue would be looked into by them. I know I entered my mail correctly, as I used the auto-complete function. That is why I decided to post it here.

I hope mods can help me as soon as possible and other users don’t suffer from this same problem.

Hi, I’m sorry but we cannot answer billing questions in the forums.

Have you submitted a support ticket?

Also, today is a holiday in the U.S. (Thanksgiving). So, the turnaround time with customer service tickets will be slightly longer I’m assuming.

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Same thing just happened to me; wish I had seen this earlier! My Pro trials ends today and figured I would take advantage of the discount and upgrade the monthly sub I signed up with to an annual sub. However, there is no way to apply the discount upon upgrading and unless I’m missing something there’s no option to return to a monthly sub after upgrading.

I sent an email to support explaining the situation in hopes they will honor the discount when they return from the holiday break.

I received a response from support today saying they would cancel my sub and I would receive a full refund, which will reach in my bank account in a few days. I wish you good luck too!

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Good to hear! Also got a reply that I will be refunded the discount amount. Best of luck in your coding adventures!

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