Accessing one html from another

Can someone delete this thread

What code do you have so far? A click event using JS/jquery should do the trick, i think this should work even with frames as long its the same html document.

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yes but frames have source as html that to .svg if u know that format.

please post the code and required files. Given there is <svg> tag in html5 (did you use it?), it shouldn’t a problem, we can surely manipulate that with javascript

Such details are important, you should included them without me having to ask for it

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Will remember from next time.
I have edited my post and uploaded supporting docs.

you don’t expect me to actually code the solution for you, right?

How familiar are you with JS/jquery? You can just add a click event (handler) to the paragraph, looking at the code, there are plenty of ways to select the elements you desire

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thanks for help sir :slight_smile:
i have just started with html 2 weeks ago,
haven’t done anything in JS/jquery.
still i will try by myself first if still i cant do then i will ask again for help.
it will be helpful if u give me some links from where i should refer these kind of problem.
on google i cant find the proper link that’s why posted here.
if you can do in anyone way i will be happy.

this might not be so easy, given there is already a lot of JS code present.

Coding this in jquery would be a lot easier, given you can just use .on() rather then addEventListener()

my advice would be to learn JS, so you can manipulate the JS code which is already being used

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i am still not able to do it.
somebody please help me.

What is the rush? Learn JavaScript/jquery so you can code a solution

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many are say saying if its not in same origin , it cant be done that’s why. i made a lot of google still no positives
is it possible or not please clear me

its seem possible:

mixtute of jquery and JS seems to do the trick just fine

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now able to access html by getelementbyid but in svg i am not able to get that id i think svg dont have that getelementbyid

It must be, looking at how much JS code is included already.

But then, SVG and frames is not something i work with very often.

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by referring this i can link 2 html but with SVG,
cant get that ID as argument in get element by id. if you can look into this i will be happy.

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