I am unsure where to post this and I’m still learning to navigate the site so foI apologize for any annoyance this might cause. I’m a new user here and to the codecademy platform, honestly I’m entirely new to coding as well. I’m a visually impaired individual aspiring to become a programmer and coder. I was wondering how codecademy was with accessibility. I know there is a large market for blind people in programming and computer science and a friend of mine said this site would be my best bet to begin learning on my own. I didn’t know if there was possibly a way to minimize or compact the website and its pages under preferences or something. So far the site is difficult, granted I’m still getting the hang of it, to navigate with a screen reader. I am unsure for now how to find out if I’ve received a reply here. If you could email me at [email protected] it would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully I’ll figure it out through the site though. Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

Best wishes,
Cody J. Care

@CommunityManagers, could you have a look at this one please?