Accessibility: Terminal Output and Screen Readers

Good morning,

I am new to CodeAcademy and will be using the NVDA screen reading software and Google Chrome to work. I decided to set up a trial of Pro and begin the Git course.
This is where I found my concern: I am able to press the “terminal” button and type text into the terminal input box, however I cannot seem to access the terminal output. (For example, using git status - I cannot read the output of this command). I am using Chrome. I have tried escaping from the input box, shift-tabbing from it, using up arrow, using NVDA object nav, and using ctrl and up arrow.
Any suggestions? I hope a solution can be found prior to the end of my trial period as I do not know if I would be able to use this if I can’t view terminal output during my courses. I tried searching on Google for an answer to this issue, but what I found did not help.


At the bottom of the Accessibility Guide, they have given an accessibility support email. Perhaps, emailing them with your question and/or linking to your forum post may be of some use.