Accessibility Comment on fashion blog project

Please consider this:

In the Fashion Blog project, the tasks ask you to incorporate two heading tags that are inconsistent with the structure of the page.

First asks you to add a byline below the blog authors image as an H2 tag and second is to add an H4 tag to format the contact line. This makes the page begin with an H2 tag and end with an H4 tag following and H2 tag. If you need a format for a specific area (byline or footer) use CSS. If the text is not a Header, don’t use a Header tag for visual formatting.

Heading structure is very important for keyboard only and screen reader users for navigation and for understanding page structure. Unless it is unavoidable you should not use headings out of order or skip headings and they should not be used as a simple formatting tag.This can cause a non-sighted user to wonder if they are missing content when a page starts at heading 2 and later goes from 2 to 4. Please read more about headings at W3C: