It appears the code is flawed, and uses the wrong access_token

# download the Python SDK at
from wepay import WePay
wepay = WePay()
wepay = WePay(access_token='STAGE_df1684a1c7b91f0de51b72e5890891b92d34e47fb3cb48d4dbd8d2a89fa253cc')
response ='/checkout/create', {
    'account_id': 161624111,
	'short_description': 'A brand new soccer ball',
	'type': 'GOODS',
	'amount': '24.95'

print response

This returns:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "python", line 9, in <module>
WePayError: You are trying to use an access_token from stage on production

I'm guessing the reason is because the wepay library that is imported makes calls to production instead of stage?


access tokens are like temporary passwords. they expire after a set time. you can always visit for new token to practise.
Had a few hitches but worked fine.


first thing, there are two instances of wepay.the first instance which is the third line (wepay = WePay()) should be removed. then instantiate wepay using the "production=False" argument because we are using stage not production. leaving the arguments empty or not using "production=False" would by default use the production stage. instead, instantiate it as shown below:
wepay = WePay(production=False, access_token=USERS_ACCESS_TOKEN)
the access_token doesn't work anymore so you would have to sign up on wepay to get your own access_token(use the stage sign up).