Access to server through our Git course

Some folks have been reporting that they can “access our server” through our Git course. The level of access and permissions granted is intended. We do limit certain interactions. Though it might appear this way, the user does not have access to the whole server, and is actually given a container - an isolated, resource controlled, operating environment. Because these containers are not shared between users, a user’s work cannot be accessed, affected, or seen by other users.

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Is it possible to enable the terminal on more courses? Would be a very nice feature. I’m not a fan of letting the GUI touch my files or having to click through it to get things done. I’d also be able to run version control for a project, at the very least back up the initial files since the reset functionality is quite brutal at the moment.

…Persistent home directory? vim uses tabs by default, how laughable! :smile:
Oh and I’m sure some would use emacs, that’s not installed though.

How fancy wouldn’t it be to be able to ssh into the container?

And/or a browser extension to allow working on the files locally in your favourite editor.

@ionatan some of our older courses (in our older learning environment) do not support terminal. You can mostly find it in our new courses, but we only show it as it relates to the course. So even in some of our newer courses, you may not see it. Our content designers expose the terminal component when they feel like it’s needed for the learner to learn some specific skill related to the terminal.

Hope that makes sense!

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I was quite frustrated by the interface while doing a angularjs project, exploring the files and having to re-open files when changing exercises quickly got tedious with the current file explorer, and as mentioned, the reset button does far more than I ever want, even resetting other projects that share the same files.

The terminal is likely where I would be using these tools from, so having access to it would make for a more relatable learning experience. I might also want to do something with the files that the GUI simply doesn’t support, I’m limited to interacting with the project through pre-programmed buttons.

I also suspect that sometimes error messages simply wouldn’t get through to me.

Since it’s already there behind the scenes, a button to bring it up would be a great feature, both for having more control over the exercise and for users to just explore that environment.

You’ve got an incredibly powerful feature that you’re not using.