Access issues


There are a number of things you can try if you are having trouble loading, viewing, or submitting exercises.

-Reload the web page. This takes care of a majority of problems.

-Make sure you are using one of these browsers:

'Safari' => 10.1,
'Firefox' => 52.0,
'Chrome' => 57.0,
'Internet Explorer' => 11.0,
'Opera' => 44.0

-Check your Internet connection. We recommend that you have a reasonably fast connection to the internet. Any broadband connection, like DSL or cable, should be sufficient.

Still having issues?

Please go through our troubleshooting page or post on our forums:

​Unfortunately, sometimes a few of our courses are very popular at certain times of the day and because of the traffic, can cause errors like this. We know this is inconvenient and do apologize. I

If you are trying to access some of our newer courses, (AngularJS, Learn Rails, Rails Authentication & Authorization, Learn the Command Line) and you haven’t once been able to get on, but see that error every time, it means that some of our sites are blocked on your firewall/proxy.

Please whitelist these URLs and you should be good to go:

That should do it! If it doesn’t, please comment below with more details.

Thank you, and Happy Learning!
-Codecademy Community Manager

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