Access denied message using Git Bash when running Python code


I am midway through the Python 3 course and had to install Python and Git Bash. Just completed the Command Line course.

When I execute the code in Git Bash e.g. python, I receive an access denied message. If I do exactly the same, but using the Anaconda Power Shell Prompt, it works without a problem. I have full access to all folders and files on my computer.

This might be a side issue, but when I run nano in Git Bash, it works, but I get a series of error messages when I return to Git Bash.

I am using Microsoft Windows 10

Does anyone have a solution to this problem?



Meh. Probably some combination of evil workarounds and using said evil workarounds wrong.

If it was me I’d drop git bash like a hot rock (and anaconda as well), and install wsl (ubuntu in windows store)

Or run it from windows.

I’ve never bothered with conda… Don’t have any need for it. I’ve always just installed Python directly (on Windows) and then pulled any packages I needed via pip.