Abs() string help

I am not on any codecademy course but is it possible to fix code like this and make it work.

I was working on an absolute value code to turn numbers into absolute value from an input the user put in I get invalid syntax on the output variable please help fix this issue.

loop = True
while loop == True:
    user_number = (int(input("Type a number to find the absolute value of it:"))
    output = abs(user_number)

you should use try/except, see the python documentation:


I looked around but is invalid syntax an exception?
it tells me invalid syntax while highlighting output which should be something in that line or right above it but the line right above it is a simple input

which version of python are you running?

never mind, i see the problem. look at the parentheses on the line where you prompt the user for input, the number of opening parentheses doesn’t matter number of closing parentheses