"About you" the website that you make with help stops on 13 lesson


Hey, I can countinue lesson 13 on "About you" The system says replace the h1 tag with img tag, I change, then say replace the img tag with h1 tag... Im confused. It's a bug i think.Code:

<!DOCTYPE html>
h1, p, body {
    text-align: center;
 body {
     background: black;
     color: white;
     font-family: Helvetica;
<img src="http://goo.gl/PmbqZa"  width="250" height="250">
<p>Sveiki, aš mokausi sukurti savo puslapį</p>
<input type="email"placeholder="Email">
<input type="submit">


Completely remove the h1 tag. If that doesn't work, please post the error message.


I did that but then it said,"expected img to have a src attribute and I do.


Could you show me all of your code please?

   put your code between two rows of backticks