'About You' Progress doesn't show in profile

Hi there,

I’ve achieved the “About You” course a few months ago, but it’s not showing in my profile at all. Whilst HTML & CSS i did at that time do. Is there any way it could show up? I’m applying for a specific external course which will be reviewing closing what i’ve done here in Codecademy. I need them to see I’ve done as much as I could :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help !

Hello Alixhar,

The reason that About You isn’t showing in your profile or completed skills is because goals such as “Animate your name”, “About You” and “Sun, the Earth and Code” are just 30 minute casual goals, where you are only learning basic HTML skills. This is in contrast to HTML and CSS, which is a full-fledged course going into the depths of both HTML and CSS, and that is why that shows up on your profile, but not “About You”.

Barry Allen

@bartholomewallen, are you also missing the “About You” badge? I have mine.

Yes I am @albionsrefuge, and i am also missing Animate Your Name and Sun Earth and Code

OK I get it. Yes I do have the badge so I guess that’s what matters. Thanks for the heads up !

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