About You 5. Adding Style


Could someone help me out please i am a little bit stuck


It seems like you have it right, Could you add the error message that you're receiving?


Hi Enrique,

I'm pretty sure you'll need to switch to Chrome to pass this exercise; it seems to be a glitch in Codecademy that this exercise doesn't work in Firefox :confused:

@lolman The error message I get when I run my correct code is empty, it just says "oops, try again".


IE passes this, I have no clue


I keep getting " Oops try again" message


@blogsurfer61624 Could you please try in Chrome, IE, Opera, Vivaldi, or basically any browser other than Firefox? Codecademy seems to have a problem with Firefox on this exercise.


Tried IE and it worked how come this is happening I don't understand. What could be the reason?


@blogsurfer61624 I'm not sure what the reason for it not working is, but @albionsrefuge has a helpful post in the old (read-only) forums containing some known bugs in these exercises:

5/21 - Firefox gives Oops! try again with no other details. Workaround 1: use a different browser. Workaround 2: remove all of your code and leave only the style tags. You will need to replace your code on the next lesson.
- ALERT: Known Bugs and FAQs

(@albionsrefuge you should move that post into these forums so it's easier to find :) )


I am planning on that, I just haven't had a machine with IE on it to retest everything on.


Thank You Folks I really appreciate the resources