About wireframes

Greetings friends.
I’ve recognized that is very common to use wireframes to architect the project in its early stages, not only for design purposes but to help developers have a broader view of the functionality of the application.
So, I would like to ask some questions about Wireframes . Here it goes:

  1. First, what are your personal opinions about the use of wireframes?
  2. Should we use a software to produce wireframes, if yes, which one?
  3. Is there any other process that complements wireframes?

Thank you all in advance. :smile:

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That’s one article pulled from the SERP of the above search term. The argument is valid for using them, especially when working in a collaborative environment. A building contractor uses blueprints that are also devoid of eye candy, though the architect will have laid out several finishing options and construction techniques that lead to a finished building. All the contractors on the site will have the same blueprints, specifications, etc. and can take their ideas/concerns to the architect if any contingencies arise.