About the way you teach


Hello everyone, I'm learning Java :slight_smile:

First, I'm argentinian, so understand if my english is a little bad.

So, I want to say that I like almost all about the way you teach code. The little (or big) thing I don't like is that when you teach OOP you talk about classes, constructors, methods and teach us how to make them, but you don't say WHY we are learning this, so a question that can appear is "¿Why I can't program the way I was programming? I don't see the difference in the results between programming normally and OOP."

Is not my case, but this can make some people drop out OOP before ending the lessons.

Thank you.


See Java Documentation on these topics in object oriented programming.

Simply put, you can program the same way you were. Using the object-oriented parts in the Java language, you can make more powerful programs that work with the full potential of the language, rather than just the basics of what you were using before.


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