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I’m a new user and don’t know if this is the right place for feedback, but:

The section “Traversing the DOM” in the JQuery tutorial is not well designed.

Simply explaning the DOM tree is not enough for me to understand whats happening in the following code examples. I’m probably just too dumb to understand it, but codeacademy’s aim should be to dumb down complicated stuff I guess?

In order to understand a little bit of the code I have to remove code, click through the web example, add back the code and click through the web example again. That way I see the differences. I think this is due to bad naming of classes.

I use .removeClass(‘disabled’) in order to highlight the “ADD CART” text, which is very unintuitiv. As far as I understand it, I remove a class thats disabling something… why not just activate it? Why does it have to be a double negative event? And then you add couple other events that do other stuff simultaneously. How am I supposed to have a clear and logical idea of everything thats happening?

But then again, maybe I’m just too stupid for this…