About the Stories category


You may have noticed our Story page over on our website or featured projects on social media or newsletters. This forum category is all about telling your story.

We would love to encourage you to share your story here in this forum by making a new post! We have had tens of millions of people learning with Codecademy and with that many people there’s bound to be others in the world who’ll love to hear your own story with coding.

Please find a few questions below as food for thought as you think about how to structure telling your story. Maybe some of these questions apply, maybe they don’t, they aren’t mandatory. Share with us whatever you’d like!

  1. How and why did you get started with coding?
  2. What were your goals when starting to code and how did you keep motivated?
  3. What was the most challenging part of learning how to code, and how did you rise above those challenges?
  4. Which resources would you recommend to folks just starting out?
  5. How did you start creating your own projects?
  6. What advice would you have for folks who are just starting out or thinking of getting started?
  7. How did you get to where you are now? What did you do after Codecademy?
  8. Which steps would you recommend for folks who want to find jobs after Codecademy?
  9. (if applicable) How did you feel about switching your career, and what can you say to others who want to make such a change?

If we have more questions, for example if we’d like to feature you on our website or in our newsletters, we’ll reach out for permission and to ask you more.

So excited to hear from you!

-Codecademy Community Team

Welcome to our forums! Please Introduce Yourself
Hello coding world!
Welcome to our forums! Please Introduce Yourself
I want to help people make their own websites
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New to Coding could use some insite
Pls, is there any app that can be used to write code offline
Hi my names Hamza
Hi everyone