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Hi everybody, I just finish my first skill path project in the Analyze Data with SQL skill path.
I made a powerpoint presentation for present the results of the analyisis using the template that Codeacademy provided me.
The project name is “Usage Funnels with Warby Parker” and it basically analysis the data of a sales funnel discovering insights from the data recopiled. I also adjunt the rubric for you could be able to score my work.
Sorry if my grammar isn’t correct sometimes because english is not my first language.

powerpoint presentation link:

rubric link:

Hello coders, I just finish the “Marketing Attribution” project in “Analyze Data with SQL” skill path.
I made a powerpoint presentation to answer the questions and present the insights I found.
I will be glad if you give me feedback about my work, Thanks!!

Just Finished Building a website with HTML CSS and GitHub page and here is my Git hub reposotory


Bank teller project finished the code is below.

checking_balance = 0
savings_balance = 0
def check_balance(account_type, checking_balance, savings_balance):
if account_type == “savings”:
balance = savings_balance
elif account_type == “checking”:
balance = checking_balance
print(“Unsuccessful, please enter checking or savings”)
balance_statement = "Your " + account_type + " balance is " + str(balance)
return balance_statement
print(check_balance(“checking”, checking_balance, savings_balance))
print(check_balance(“savings”, checking_balance, savings_balance))
def make_deposit(account_type, amount, checking_balance, savings_balance):
deposit_status = “”
if amount > 0:
if account_type == “savings”:
savings_balance += amount
deposit_status = “successful”
elif account_type == “checking”:
checking_balance += amount
deposit_status = “successful”
deposit_status = “Unsuccessful, please enter checking or savings”
deposit_status =“unsuccessful, please enter an amount greater than 0”

deposit_statement = "Deposit of " + str(amount) + " to your " + account_type + " account was " + deposit_status + "."


return savings_balance, checking_balance

savings_balance, checking_balance = make_deposit(“savings”, 10, checking_balance, savings_balance)
print(check_balance(“savings”, checking_balance, savings_balance))
savings_balance, checking_balance = make_deposit(“checking”, 200, checking_balance, savings_balance)
print(check_balance(“checking”, checking_balance, savings_balance))
def make_withdrawal(account_type,amount,checking_balance,savings_balance):
withdrawal_status = “”
fail = “unsuccessful, please enter amount less than balance”
if account_type == “savings”:
if savings_balance >= amount:
saving_balance -= amount
withdrawal_status = “successful”
withdrawal_status = fail
elif account_type == “checking”:
if checking_balance >= amount:
checking_balance -= amount
withdrawal_status = “successful”
withdrawal_status = fail
withdrawal_status = “unsuccessful, please enter checking or savings”
withdrawal_statement = "Withdrawal of " + str(amount) + " from your " + account_type + " was " + withdrawal_status + “.”
return savings_balance, checking_balance
savings_balance, checking_balance = make_withdrawal(“savings”,11,checking_balance,savings_balance)
savings_balance, checking_balance = make_withdrawal(“checking”,170,checking_balance, savings_balance)
print(check_balance(“checking”,checking_balance, savings_balance))
def acc_transfer(acc_from,acc_to,amount,checking_balance,savings_balance):
transaction_status = “”
trans_error = “unsuccessful, please enter amount less than”
if acc_from == “savings” and acc_to == “checking” :
if savings_balance >= amount:
savings_balance -= amount
checking_balance += amount
transaction_status = “successful”
transaction_status = trans_error + str(savings_balance)
elif acc_from == “checking” and acc_to == “savings”:
if checking_balance >= amount:
checking_balance -= amount
savings_balance += amount
transactions_status = “successful”
transaction_status = trans_error + str(checking_balance)
transaction_status = “unsuccessful, please enter checking or savings”
transaction_status = "Transfer of " + str(amount) + " from your " + acc_from + " to your " + acc_to + " account was " + transaction_status + “.”
return savings_balance, checking_balance
savings_balance, checking_balance = acc_transfer(“checking”,“savings”,40,checking_balance,savings_balance)
print(check_balance(“savings”,checking_balance, savings_balance))
savings_balance, checking_balance = acc_transfer(“savings”,“checking”,5,checking_balance,savings_balance)

Please find below the code for the finished real_estate_investment_trust project. I have attached the file as well
import numpy as np
SBRA = np.genfromtxt(‘SBRA.csv’, delimiter = ‘,’, skip_header = 1, usecols =5)
EQR = np.genfromtxt(‘EQR.csv’, delimiter =‘,’, skip_header = 1, usecols =5)
def rate_of_return(adj_closing):
daily_simple_ror = np.diff(adj_closing)
return daily_simple_ror
average_daily_simple_return_sbra = np.mean(rate_of_return(SBRA))
average_daily_simple_return_sbra = np.mean(rate_of_return(EQR))

def log_returns(adj_closings):
log_adj_closings = np.log(adj_closings)
daily_log_returns = np.diff(log_adj_closings)
return daily_log_returns

daily_log_returns_sbra = log_returns(SBRA)
daily_log_returns_eqr = log_returns(EQR)
def annualize_log_returns(daily_log_returns):
average_daily_log_returns = np.mean(daily_log_returns)
annualized_log_returns = average_daily_log_returns * 250
return annualized_log_returns
annualized_log_return_sbra = annualize_log_returns(daily_log_returns_sbra)
annualized_log_return_eqr = annualize_log_returns(daily_log_returns_eqr)
daily_variance_sbra = np.var(daily_log_returns_sbra)
daily_variance_eqr = np.var(daily_log_returns_eqr)
daily_sd_sbra = np.std(daily_log_returns_sbra)
daily_sd_eqr = np.std(daily_log_returns_eqr)
corr_sbra_eqr = np.corrcoef(daily_log_returns_sbra, daily_log_returns_eqr)

thank you

This is the code for the visualizing_tech_stokcs project. The changes had to be done for the yahoo finance DataReader because the command in the instruction file to read data from yahoo finance is not working. a new solution is used yfinance.
import numpy as np
from datetime import datetime
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

symbols = [‘MSFT’,‘AMZN’,‘AAPL’,‘GOOG’,‘META’]
start_date = datetime(2019,1,1)
end_date = datetime(2019,7,1)
stock_data = yf.download(symbols, start = start_date, end = end_date)

stock_data_adj_close = stock_data[‘Adj Close’]

plt.xlabel(“Date Daily”)
plt.ylabel(“Adjusted Closing Price Over Time”)
plt.title(“Tech Stocks Adjusted Price”)

stock_data_returns = stock_data_adj_close.pct_change()
plt.xlabel(“Date Daily”)
plt.ylabel(“Stocks Returns”)
plt.title(“Tech stocks returns”)
#5subplots of daily returns of the stocks
MSFT = stock_data_returns[‘MSFT’]
AMZN = stock_data_returns[‘AMZN’]
AAPL = stock_data_returns[‘AAPL’]
GOOG = stock_data_returns[‘GOOG’]
META = stock_data_returns[‘META’]

fig = plt.figure(figsize=(15,15))
ax1 = fig.add_subplot(3,2,1)
ax2 = fig.add_subplot(3,2,2)
ax3 = fig.add_subplot(3,2,3)
ax4 = fig.add_subplot(3,2,4)
ax5 = fig.add_subplot(3,2,5)

#mean returns
stock_data_mean_returns = stock_data_returns.mean()
plt.ylabel(“Mean Return”)
plt.title(“Stocks Mean Returns”)

stock_data_returns_varinace = stock_data_returns.var()
plt.title(“Daily Variance”)
stock_data_returns_stdv = stock_data_returns.std()
plt.ylabel(“Standard Deviation”)
plt.title(“Daily Standard Deviation”)
stock_data_returns_corr = stock_data_returns.corr()


thank you

Here is my code for the ‘Build Chatbots with Python’ capstone project:


The attached link is for my Orion Constellation Data Visualization in Python project I did. I’m not if attaching a link to the jupyter works. If not, please let me know of any other ways I can submit for feedback.


Good afternoon everyone and Happy Memorial Day!

I just completed my first Practice Project - Fashion Blog. I added a few additional code such as background color and a clickable e-mail hyperlink. I did run the code through a code validator, and got this error message:

div error

I can’t seem to figure out what I should do differently, but I am open to suggestions to what I could do better overall.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
	<meta charset="UTF-8">
	<title>Everyday with Isa</title>
<body style="background-color:#D6B693;">
  <!--Added neutral background to give blog some color -->
  <a href="#contact"> <img src="https://content.codecademy.com/courses/learn-html/elements-and-structure/profile.jpg" alt="Profile photo of Isabelle Rodriguez"></a>
  <h3>by Isabelle Rodriguez | 1 day ago</h3>
<h1>An Insider's Guide to NYFW</h1>
  <img src="https://content.codecademy.com/courses/learn-html/elements-and-structure/image-one.jpeg" alt="Model holding shopping bags">
  <p><a target="_blank" href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_York_Fashion_Week"> NYFW</a> can be both amazingly fun & incredibly overwhelming, especially if you’ve never been. Luckily, I’m here to give you an insider’s guide and make your first show a pleasurable experience. By taking my tips and tricks, and following your gut, you’ll have an unforgettable experience! 
<h2>Getting Tickets & Picking the Shows</h2>
  <img src="https://content.codecademy.com/courses/learn-html/elements-and-structure/image-two.jpeg" alt="Model wearing a nude garment with a black leather jacket over it sporting an expensive watch">
  <p>If you’re lucky or connected you can get an invite, sans the price tag. But I wasn’t so lucky or connected my first 2 years so I’m here to help you out. First, plan out which shows are most important to you and make a schedule and this is a biggie: SET A BUDGET. If you’re worrying about blowing your cash the whole time you won’t have fun. Then check out prices, days, and times and prioritize the designers you want to see most. Lastly, purchase your tickets and get excited!
<h2>Dressing for the Shows</h2>
  <img src="https://content.codecademy.com/courses/learn-html/elements-and-structure/image-three.jpeg" alt="African-American male model modeling in front of building">
  <p>Always be true to your own sense of style, if you don’t you’ll be uncomfortable the whole time and it will show. Remember, NYFW is about expressing yourself and taking in what the designers have chosen to express through their new lines. Also it’s important to wear shoes you’ll be comfortable in all day. Obviously you want to look good, but you’ll be on your feet all day long, so be prepared.
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<div id="contact">
  <!-- added clickable e-mail hyperlink -->
  <p><strong>email: <a href="mailto:[email protected]">is[email protected]</a> | phone: 917-555-1098 | address: 371 284th St, New York, NY, 10001</strong></p>

Please, I’ve had over 5 projects on my ‘Full stack Engineering’ skill path.
I’m not really sure of how to share this project for your reviews.

Do i just copy and paste the codes here, or send the files as they are?
I could compress all files too, as I would really like people’s opinion on what I’ve achieved so far, even though I’m not yet stuck at any point.