About the Portfolio Project: U.S. Medical Insurance Costs category

Hi everyone, here is my medical project, I hope you can give me some feedback.

Hello everyone, could you please check my project and give some advices or feedback.

Hello guys!

I finished this Portfolio Project. I would be grateful if You take a look at it and give advice to correct my mistakes and also my git repository because I am not good at it. The project was enjoyable, I want to improve in using pandas

Hello everyone, I’ve recently finished working on the medical insurance project and would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on it. Thank you!

Hello everyone. This is link to my code: Portfolio/Medical_Insurance_Project at 09833543364d6f2369665e1b04d2100ceebffb82 · ReginaLeonova/Portfolio · GitHub
I would really appreciate your reviews and suggestions.

Hi everyone!

I am about to start my first portfolio project.
In the zip file there is a jupyter notebook file called: “us-medical-insurance-costs-checkpoint”
This file is suppose to be blank to? Because there is already a “us-medical-insurance-costs” that is a blank file.

Thank you!

Hi everyone,

I just finish my first Portfolio Project from the Data Science: Analytics path (currently 32% done)

I would like some feedback if possible… Not only on code but also about the structure of the project.

Here is the link to GitHub:

Thank you in advance!

My git

I had fun creating the functions for numerical analysis and presentation. It was a little challenging to figure out the best approach but the difficulty level was appropriate. In hindsight the code might have been cleaner if I had used an object oriented approach but I ended up doing it functionally.