About the Portfolio Project: U.S. Medical Insurance Costs category

Hi, Here is a link to my project in GitHub

Any feedback is welcome!

Hello everyone, please take a look at my portfolio project “U.S Medical Insurance Costs”, I used the Matplotlib library , I believe in the saying that a picture says more than a thousand words, feel free to give feedback.

The idea of dividing in the population in age groups is great. Congrats.

Hi all -

I’ve completed the "US Medical Insurance Costs project. Most of my methods are regarding analyzing the insurance cost by feature of the patient (i.e. by sex, by region, etc.). Here is the Github link.

I’m posting this right after I finished the file. Please don’t mind the comments.

I looked into the solution after and saw how the solution includes creating a patient class! Next project, I will definitely try to incorporate classes. For now, I was able to finish this project the way I thought how it should be on my head.

I’m definitely interested in hearing thoughts and feedbacks and how I can improve. Thank you for the time! I appreciate it.

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Hi Guys,
Kindly review my project and provide your feedback. I’m struggling to include functions and Classes in this project.
Appreciate if you can guide me on this

Here is my portfolio!
Hope to get some tips! thank you!


Hello everyone!
Here is my project.
I think I can get to my goals with less keystrokes - Any advice is welcomed.
It was a simple idea for my first solo endeavor.

I am looking toward learning more and practicing until perfect!



Your approach is awesome! creating a class and then different methods to act as operators - super cool.

I have a question:

Can you explain in more detail what these lines of code do?:

row_one = insurance.readline().split(",")
row_one[-1] = row_one[-1][:-1]

in your third cell, I get that you are opening the data and creating the dictionary but why open the data twice?

Thank for the clarification!

Hi everyone,

I have found some really cool solutions for this portfolio project. I would be really glad, if some of you could look through my code, and tell me, how I can improve my code.


Thank you folks!

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I tried this project first before I completed all of the necessary prerequisites and hit a brick wall pretty fast. It was encouraging to come back less than a week later and finish the project in less than a day.

It gets easier guys! Just don’t give up!

As always please give me any feedback if you all check out my repository.

Yikes! I am glad I didn’t check yours out until after I had posted mine.

Your level of detail is fantastic and I love how you broke it down into premiums.

No advice but I had to appreciate it!

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Hey, everyone. Here’s my project.

I set a few very specific goals for my analysis, so the methods aren’t really universal but help to solve these particular goals.

Feel free to point at anything missing in the code.


Thank you so much for your nice words. I‘m happy that you liked it!

Happy coding

Here is my implementation, would be happy to hear feedback!

I did not want to spend too much time, but i think the code has certain nice features: i implemented a class for storing data about a person, and a class for storing info about groups of people, and getting group averages/fractions for different variables.
With their help, it is easy to filter dataset by a certain criteria and create groups of people, which then can be compared to one another.

GitHub repo with Jupiter Notebook for this project

Hi all! Here is my attempt - definitely not the most eloquent code, and I kept the analysis pretty simple relative to all of what could be done with this dataset, but it will be fun to revisit this later on after learning more throughout the course of this career path. I appreciate any feedback or critiques anyone might have. Thanks!

Hi all!
Here is my attempt at the US Medical Insurance Project. Please let me know what you think, it is not as advance as others and it doesn’t use other libraries. However, I will keep expanding on it as I go through the Data Scientist path.

Here it is.

Hi all,

Here is my solution for the US Medical Insurance Project:

It was not really difficult after practicing other projects. i applied most of what i learned from previous tasks to this project but i still have long way to go. any feedback is much appreciated. Thank you.

Hello all,

here is my solution to the Portfolio project. I intend to apply Linear Regression and clustering in the and (There is a scatter plot with two clearly-distinct families.

Hey, there!

If anyone could take a look at my code, that’d be great!
I’m also looking for one to give feedback too. Any beginner coder feel free to reply this, so I’ll do it.