About the Portfolio Project: U.S. Medical Insurance Costs category

Hello every one, here is my result, it’s simple but I think it have the correct approached.
Hoping feedback and some advices. Thanks.

Hello everyone.
My code for the US Insurance project here. Happy to receive any feedback. Still struggling a bit with Github and sharing code. Hope the link works OK.

I came here for inspiration after struggling, and your code and analysis provided that in heaps. This is really thorough! Great job!

US Medical Insurance Costs Python Portfolio Project
I was sidelined for a couple of weeks, but managed to learn some valuable tools with this project. Looking forward to learning more.

Feedback is appreciated and welcome!


Hi, here is a link to my project: GitHub - aleks-andra-sasha/us_medical_insurance_cost: First Data Science project, using some Python 3, data visualisation, hypothesis testing, and a multiple linear regression model.

It showcases some of my data visualisation skills, as well as some hypothesis testing and machine learning techniques that I learnt in this course.

Please let me know:

  • if you think some of the analysis was superfluous or inappropriate?
  • if you agree with the conclusions I reached?
  • any significant improvements that can be made?

Thank you


Hello everyone. Here is my attempt at the Medical Insurance Costs project

hi- i thought your project was superbly structured, neat and tidy! easy to follow. Great work

Hello All!
I would love any reviews or feedback I can receive on this project. I originally wrote my methods as functions, and then created a class to add structure, clarity, and usability them. I would particularly appreciate suggestions on clarity, how to make it more concise, and the actual structure of some of the methods.

Thank you so much for the feedback!
US Medical Insurance Project Python 3, Miriam Jayne

In the projects folder of this repo you can find my analysis of the Medical Insurance:

Now I feel more confident in python and have a lot of ideas to keep working on this project.
In total… I spent about 4 hours (a lot of trial and error). Then I found out that I could optimize some functions and create a reduced version of the code.


Here is the link to my attempt for the U.S. Medical Insurance Costs project.

It was challenging for me and frankly, I did utilize the help of the example solution to an extent. I invite and welcome feedback. A few areas that come to mind are:

  • Are there not enough comments for context?

  • Is there a better way to find the region most individuals are from than the solution I provided? Or would the solution I provided hurt me being that I used the set method?

  • What approach would you take in trying to “figure out what the average age is for someone who has at least one child in this dataset”? I thought I could mimic a similar approach to the average age method from earlier except adding a condition if the number of children is > 0 but received a TypeError.

Thank you!

It is a well structured code.

Just finished my porfolio project for Medical Insurance. I found it was a great way of reminding myself and practicing the things that I learnt without guidance. However in the process I realized that I have not fully grasped on when to use Classes instead of Functions. So that’s what I need to research more on now. See below the url to my code, would appreciate some feedback on how I could have done it more professionally.

I am glad I went through your code, it was very easy to follow. I did not use Class in mine, only Functions mainly because I still have not fully understood when to use Classes instead of Functions, but your code helped me a little to understand that.
Thanks for sharing.


I had a great time completing this project. Any improvements that i can make in my project are more than welcome.

Here’s my project in a notebook. It was medium-hard and took me about 3 days. I always like to come back and add more features.


Hi everyone! I would love some feedback…


Hi Everyone,

Texas Behavioral Health (TBH) is advanced online psychiatry, which accommodates its user by providing in-person and online psychiatric care. TBH works closely with its insurance providers to ensure that their patients are well-cared for.

We would love to get some feedback

I know you did this almost a year ago. I love your work! You milked the data for all the insights it had, and your use of graphs was beautiful. You inspire me to go back and improve my work.

I finally finished my first Python Portfolio Project. It took me one full day, and I took inspiration and knowledge from many of your projects, as well as Codecademy’s cheatsheets and the internet! Everyone has many different interpretations of how to retrieve data and it was outstanding to see.

Below is my project!

Good luck in your studies! :slight_smile:

Hi everyone, my solution can be found here (GitHub).

I didn’t really know how to use a class with class methods, therefore, my solution consists of a number of functions which do the job. Any feedback is welcome!