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This… was difficult for me, I had to recall a lot of old info and a lot of research had to be done, but it’s finally finished, not perfectly, but finished nonetheless.


I really like your project especially with how the background and banner change while changing subreddits! Very well done!

Here’s my finished version:
Github - GitHub - mendelgordon/reddit
Live - https://reddt.netlify.app/

Making the app wasn’t that complicated but getting it to show media for posts turned out to be difficult :slight_smile:
Took me a day or two total spread out over a couple weeks since I was busy :laughing:

Try overflow-wrap: anywhere; - support was just added for this in safari

The vulnerabilities should be ignored since they are for packages which are only used in development.
Running npm upgrade should fix some of them though.

Hi everyone,

I finished the reddit client project!! it was quite challenging for me. I was procrastinating for days cause I didn’t want to deal with it… I was afraid that i suck at it… but eventually I’ ve learned so much. And that feeling when something worked !!! :star_struck:

GitHub Repo

Live Version

Hi everyone,

Here’s my version of the project:
The live version of Reddit Reader
The code on Github

I really enjoyed making this although I found a few things very difficult. My hurdles were accessing the comments in a post and insuring that the different types of post were displayed correctly. I also made it harder because I really wanted to add the ability to collapse nested comments which I managed to do in the end!

Overall it took a couple of weeks, but I feel I’ve learnt a lot and I’m far more confident in my abilities than I was at the beginning of the project.

Love the way the posts fit on the page no matter what screen size. I can’t see CSS Grid in your styles src code. Did you use display: flex for this?

Here’s mine and it could be improved with your approach https://treadit.netlify.app/

I would’ve used grid-template-rows: masonry; (to control the layout purely with CSS) but it’s not fully supported by any browsers yet, so instead I used react-masonry-css with this CSS.

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I’m about to embark on this project and have a question: What is the purpose of making this app? Isn’t Reddit already out there? Why make another page that displays the same information?
I’ve looked at some of the projects posted here, and I don’t understand how they improve on Reddit. The readme files don’t clarify this either.
Can someone who has worked on this project please give me an idea of if their app’s specific goal?
Thank you for your help!

By creating an app, regardless of whether or not it’s useful, you get practice using your coding skills, and you have some work you can show to potential employers.
Another advantage is this way there aren’t any ads :wink:

Hey folks, just wrapped up my Reddit Project!

GitHub: Search Reddit

Live site (continuously deployed with Netlify): Search Reddit

I really enjoyed pulling together the lessons that the course has covered so far! My only frustration was learning that certain topics that I spent a fair amount of time learning on Codecademy were already outdated. For example, apparently Enzyme has been dead for over a year and React Router moved on to a fairly different implementation with v6 over a year ago as well. I’m sure it’s a challenge to keep the curriculum up-to-date with a variety of open source projects, but IMHO students shouldn’t be blindsided by this after completing the material.


This is great, Chris! I like that the landing page doesn’t display all the latest reddit posts. It cuts out all the noise. The search works well and the options on the results page are super.

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Fair point, Mendel. I appreciate this!

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Hello Everyone!

Here is my version of this project: Middit,

Github Repository

Feedback is always welcome!

Hi everyone! Here is my version of the project. The only thing I did not do is testing (yes I’m guilty and I admit it). Anyway I put a lot of effort into it and I am pretty happy with the result! Please share your feedback!

Github Repository
Live version - Reddit Lurker

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I read the entire JSON Reddit API link provided and I still not understanding how I fetch it…

I’ve seen code from people to check the API’s but all of them are different from each other… After a lot of time spent only in CodeCademy’s platform, I need to assume that I’m struggling in this project.

there’s a pretty easy method to fetch. just go for what you need on reddit. for example a post, modify url adding .json in the end and here you have a url needed to fetch this post. The post will be an object so to get an image you just go exactly how you would get an object value based on key. If you open the aformentioned link with json in the end in your browser you will see how it all is structured. the only difference was to fetch for search results if i remember correctly but they do give you a hint on codecademy where to put the .json

message me if you need some help

Hello everyone! I also want to share my more or less ready version of Reddit app project. It’s difficult to stop thinking about improving things as you learn more with each day :grinning:
I used Material UI for styling and Vercel for deployment. Really liked these tools!

Github repo
Live version

Hope my project will be helpful and inspiring for someone.
Any feedback, questions and suggestions will be greatly appreciated!


I have almost finished creating my own version of the Reddit app, with features similar to the CC version. However, I am still encountering some issues, and I would like to add a custom subreddit account functionality.

Additionally, I am having a problem where there is a shift in the page when fetching data. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Demo: https://retolkienddit.netlify.app/
Repo: GitHub - aroo0/reTolkienddit

Thank you!