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Hi everyone.

I must say that it was a very useful experience. I took me a little bit more than a week to solve this challenge. Through the dev of the project I looked past project, notes and made a lot of research to arrived at this point.

I think that more testing is required and some features must be completed but would be nice to have some feedback.

GitHUb: GitHub
Live: https://fjorwb-reddit-minimal.netlify.app/

Hey everyone,

Is it just me or this project feels too complicated ?
I thought the problem was that I don’t understand API’s but I made a weather app to practice and now I undersand API’s very well, then I thought it is Redux, so I re-studied redux and I understand it very well

Still not being able to know where to start!! anyone had the same problem ?

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Hi, there is my portfolio Reddit project:

Live App: https://read-reddit.netlify.app/
Code: GitHub - serclino/read-reddit: Codecademy Portfolio Project

It took me 45 hours to get there!

Few notes:
- My web is only desktop oriented (no responsiveness). I didn’t want to dwell on it when core of this project is React/Redux.
- I didn’t write any tests, because I don’t feel strong in it yet. I would just need to put more practice with testing. Don’t you, guys, have some tips for tutorials, please?

Feedback is welcome! Thanks :slight_smile:

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Wow, that is really cool! It looks clean and well structured and so does your project setup.
Just a few suggestions on tiny possible design improvements:

  • Consider increasing the line height of text
  • Consider positioning the nav bar and top nav bar fixed so it is always accessible when the visitor scrolled down
  • Consider increasing contrast of some elements in dark mode
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Hey All!

Here’s my solution to this project.

You can view the source code here.

I definitely spent more time than necessary on this, but I was having fun with it. All feedback welcomed!

Make sure to check out the unicorn theme!



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anyone is working on reddit project? I’m working on it :slight_smile:

any one want to work together? So we can help each other

Hi everyone!

This project was very challenging, but it was such a great opportunity to deepen my knowledge of the tools we’ve seen so far. Since the beginning I set out to take the project very slowly and really take my time to think about everything, make plans and analyze different perspectives instead of just coding away and trying to get something right, which was my first thought while reading the project’s requirements and feeling overwhelmed and insecure. So I worked on it for 21 days and learned so much!

I called the app Reddit Pocket, check out the live version here.

And here’s a link to the Github repository.

For anyone interested, I also uploaded the plan I made for this project and a self-assessment that I wrote after completing it. I believe that it’s very important to take some time to reflect on what we learned after each project and how we dealt with the challenges we faced, not only technology and code-wise, but in personal and emotional terms as well. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the load of information we have to absorb every day and I think we often don’t congratulate ourselves enough for our accomplishments. I’m happy to see so many good projects here and I’m cheering for each and every one of you!


Hi! I’m currently doing the same project, want to team up with this one?

lets do it… together i also develope front-end prototype and file system what about you?

Haven’t started yet. Let’s plan it out, there are couple of things that must be priorities, some are out of scope from the lesson.

Hi all,
finally managed to complete my most basic reddit lite project. Took me around a week to do this. There is a lot of scope for improvement in the future. Any feedback is really appreciated. Thank you.

Hey guys, I’m working on the Reddit Project right now. What’s the data structure for the comments that are returned by the Reddit JSON API? Are they like an object, or an array?

The json containing the comments itself is an array of 2 elements but the comments are available at json[1].
See this link:

Hi! I’ve been coding this project almost 2 weeks and I learned a lot of things that I needed to know. I managed all states with redux and I made it responsive. I found out how to display the images when are more than one, it was a little complicated but I saw that the link of the image it was different when you got it from the API. So you have to use the method replaceAll ‘amp;’ to ‘’; I used bootstrap for this project so I took the course too before that start. It was one more day but it was worth it because you don’t have to worry about how the page look, well really not much .

Reddit App

I let my code too because I saw a lot of code the other projects to made it. Github code



Took me longer than I hoped to get there but finally happy with the end result.
Please could anyone provide feedback on my reddit app?

My repo is here with a full README, hopefully this is useful to employers/ recruiters?

I would have preferred to do proper tests but got stuck on this part, knowing how to test everything is really tough!


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Do you have a link to your published app, on github or another site?
The above only takes us to your repo.


Here is the link:

Great job on your website! I love how responsive it feels, and how clean it looks. The empty containers you show while fetching data are a nice touch. The colors are very cohesive and fun too. One suggestion: on the comments page, it would be helpful if you can have a back button that’s always visible - this way its easier to navigate back to the feed.

The website definitely lives up to its name! I love how minimalistic everything is. I especially like how you formatted the comments page. I also appreciate how the website is optimized for viewing on mobile devices.
I have two suggestions. One would be to add some padding before the first post, so that it’s clearer what’s the nav bar and what’s the feed. The second thing is to add a way to return back to where you were in the main feed from a post’s page, because right now I could only return to the top of the feed.
But otherwise, great job!


Thank you very much for your suggestions!
I have implemented the “adding padding above my posts” idea.
In regards to the homepage not returning back to where you were scrolled to originally, that is a shame as I spent a lot of time working on that and it works fine on my end. Can I check if you are pressing the back button on your browser, or pressing the “Reddit-Minimal” home button? If its the latter perhaps I need to add a back arrow to make it more intuitive for users.