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Man I absolutely love the design of that. Really modern and beautiful.

Very cool! I really like the dark design, very easy on the eyes. The only tiny minor very small insigificant thing is that it’s slightly weird that the up/downvote buttons don’t do anything - if they don’t have a functionality, then possibly just showing something like “x upvotes” might be better. But otherwise it’s really great, looks super professional.

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Hi everyone,

Here’s my project - I decided to focus mainly on cats and r/cats - mostly because I didn’t have any other original ideas and I didn’t want to make a more generic Reddit client. I also wanted to make something with a theme that I had to design around.

It eventually ended up perhaps a little childish, but I think in general design-wise it looks pretty good.

Website: https://cat-reddit.netlify.app/
Code: GitHub - MWillis10231/CatReddit: A reddit client as part of Codecademy's Full-Stack course

Thanks in advance for any feedback :slight_smile: - there are some things I wasn’t sure how to implement and no doubt there are loads of places it can be improved.



Hey Jon, Thanks for the feedback! I think you’re right, displaying ‘upvotes’ instead of arrow icons will not confuse the users (thinking that it’s clickable), this will improve the user experience. But I really love the up/down arrow icons displayed in the posts as it really makes me feel more like a Reddit site. I’m not sure tho, I might find a way to setup the arrow icons in a way that will not confuse the users. Thanks for the feedback man!

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The spinny cat is fantastic and I love the cat arms for the up/downvotes. I don’t have much else to say, well done on getting through! The search function didn’t work for me but that might be a temporary thing…!

Heardit Reddit Client!
Live version (heardit.netlify.app)
Github repo

Hooray! I’ve finally finished this one. I was extremely overwhelmed at the beginning - I spent about a week or so literally just on JSFiddle trying to make sure I understood the JSON from Reddit and such - but I’ve got it to work and I’m really proud of it.

My take was to make a music-finder, so it shows YouTube links from a choice of subreddits. It was fun working out how to actually take the embed ID from the JSON data and work that into an iframe so that the posts could actually display properly. There was a ton of stuff that I was really sketchy on how it worked, and I ran into several problems along the way, but in general I always knew where to find the information that I needed when something went wrong.

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to do any TDD or any testing at all, really. I still am very unclear on how to use Jest/Enyzme, and trying to get my head around that was stopping me from even starting with the project, so I decided to sot of plough ahead and implement the testing after finishing the project.

Thanks so much for having a look, hope you enjoy and would be really grateful for any feedback.

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Hi everyone,

Here’s my project: Reddit Client

Website: Reddit Client Minimal
GitHub Code: https://github.com/Firefly08/RedditClient.git

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

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Hey, great job! I like the simplicity of the design, it’s really clear where everything is and the responsiveness works brilliantly.

The only thing that jumps out at me design-wise is that you might want to also have a hover effect on the number of comments - it isn’t immediately clear that clicking on that drops the comments down, especially when everything else interactive on the page does have a hover effect. Otherwise though, great job.

Hey everyone!

While I feel this might be kind of a work in progress for some time as I’d like to continue to add more features, I feel it’s at a good place to share it with you all. Would love to hear what you think.

Website: www.reddit-dark.com
GitHub: GitHub - frivolousvision/reddit-mimic-app

This project was a pretty manic experience for me. From the initial highs of logging the first json response, to heavy lows of dealing with unexpected, sometimes hilarious bugs like having the comments from every single post appear when hitting the onClick function I had. Definitely up and down from the excitement of solving a problem only to have another one present itself. All in all, it was an invaluable learning experience, and I’m so happy to have done it.

Thank you in advance for any feedback! It is greatly appreciated. :v:

Hello All!

This project took me roughly 6 days to complete, and it has taught me a lot!

Here is my project: Reddit Minimal
Github: Github Code

Please feel free to provide any feedback!

Very nicely done!! Your app reminds me that I definitely need to include scroll to top behavior.

Yours looks great! I love the banners at the top and additional information when visiting a sub. Also, the subtle button effects on the read full post buttons are great and I’m a big fan of the loading bars. Really nicely done!

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I appreciate that digital!

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Hey guys just finished my implementation of Reddit Client project, Realy enjoyed it.
I haven’t had time to focus on testing but I made it a PWA web app which was realy fun.
Reddit Client live site
Source Code