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Oh, I see… I didn’t realise that you could just but that into your browser to get the file. But I have read the setup again and that is what it says!

Thank you for getting back to me! So simple. :slight_smile:


Hi all, I tried to push myself to get this done as fast as I could. I spent four days on it so there is some functionality missing, such as no comments are viewable and there is no new page loaded of individual posts. That being said I wish to revisit this and refine it further on.
If you have any insights, critiques, or questions please let me know.

Thanks for everything everyone!

Hi, did anyone get an error about ‘A non-serializable value was detected in the state’ when mapping over the returned data. I am part way through the project and I am mapping over some mock data. It was working fine the other day, but I have just started working on a different feature and just started seeing this error when trying to render posts?