About the Portfolio Project: Reddit Project category

Hello Everyone!!
Here is my Reddit Project.

As a special feature, the Categories are changing depends on the term search, so is provided by the Reddit JSON data.
Also, de posts are classified in documents, pictures, or videos.


this is great. You’ve put in a good looking alternative design for Reddit and and extended the functionality of the app beyond project’s specifications.

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Your app is really well put together and goes beyond the project specs! feels like a real commercial app.

Oh cool, I didn’t know there was pagination as part of the Redux Toolkit! I might go back and refactor to include a separate slice of state for the pagination, just to clean it up a bit. Thanks for the info!

Just finished my Reddit project! I still am working on the testing as I am having issues with testing components that are using the redux store, but I will update once those are complete. Let me know what you think and how I can improve it. Thank You

This is the link to the live website: https://reddit-frontpage.netlify.app/

Here’s the link to the repository:

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Hi everyone!

Hope you’re doing well. Here below, I’m linking my Reddit project on GitHub and the Live App on Netlify. I’ll appreciate feedback to improve through my learning path.

GitHub Link
Live App

Thanks in advance.


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I also finally finished the reddit client project.
My repo: GitHub - YannikS14/reddit-client
Live version: Reddit Client

It nearly took me a full month, with some interruptions. I really put in some work into the unit, integration and E2E-tests, because I really wanted to understand and apply this. Therefore, the full test suite is included in the repo, having a 100% test coverage in unit/integration tests.

This was a nice project to get some more practice on Redux and Redux Toolkit. I also tried to focus on accessibility and performance for the Lighthouse test and the code tests, as I said. For the tests, I can only recommend to use React Testing Library instead of Enzyme. Made life so much easier.

Any feedback is appreciated :wink:


I like the simple design and the dark mode!
When I use the search field or click on a subreddit in the list, the window remains empty. I use Chrome. It works in Safari though…

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I just finished up the reddit client using React, Redux, and small amounts of bootstrap. It was a fun project including many of the elements in the career path thus far. Let me know what you think!

reddlite github repo

reddlite live


good job, I like that you included the feature to search for all posts of a specific user and an actual search function that looks up reddit for the search term.

I noticed three things:

  • In the detail view for a post, there is some strangely looking padding/border on the right and bottom side.
  • If you click on the users profile or subreddit link in the detail view of a post, it reloads in the background without closing the modal. Because of that, its a bit hard to see, that something changed.
  • Because of the autoplay on all videos, they load pretty slowly for me if there are many videos at the same time.

And you might want to have a look at your Reddit.js util file, there are some API access data for the oauth API. I think you should delete them from the public repo.


thanks for your feedback. That’s strange, I’m also using Chrome and for me it’s working fine.
Maybe the problem is, that you have some search term entered in the search box and there is no post in that subreddit, that matches the term?
My search box is more like a filter function than an actual search function :sweat_smile: It just filters the posts of the currently active subreddit for the entered search term and doesn’t look up Reddit for the search term.

I think it might be a good idea to reset the search term when the user selects a new subreddit, because if there is no post in the new subreddit that matches the search term, it just displays nothing.

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Hey Igor,

great job, I love that you were much more creative with the design than me. I really like how you have implemented the mobile version.
Did you include the display of videos in posts? I wasn’t able to see any, but maybe the posts I looked had just didn’t have any videos.
Two things I noticed with room for improvement, but that might be just personal taste :wink: :

  • I’m missing the date/time, when a post was submitted. You included it for the comments, but I can’t see it for the post itself?
  • If I’m not mistaken, the only way to get into the detailed view of a post is by clicking on the comments button? Maybe you could add the links for the detailed view on the post title or content.

The layout and design of the individual comments look great btw.


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I like your implementation and the dark mode, I did want to apply that in my app as well but maybe later. Good work!

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Hey Yanniks, I really appreciate your feedback. I didn’t include videos and the date in posts because it was a decision when I was making the general layout. About the link in the post’s title, I think it’s a great idea to improve. I’m going to try to update this because this is an objective for me as well, because I want to keep updating and improving my final app.

Thanks in advance!

Hi everyone, I am 54% of the way through the ‘Full Stack Engineer Path’ and have been working on this Reddit Client project for the last 2.5 weeks.

I designed a custom README.md and included state management unit tests, and am happy with how the project has turned out. I would appreciate any feedback on this project :slight_smile: :+1: :slight_smile:

GitHub source code: GitHub - chris-larham-1983/reddit-client
GitHub Pages: Reddit Client
Surge deployment: https://codecademy-reddit-client.surge.sh

Hi @yanniks, I think your project looks very professional :+1:

I’m impressed by the thoroughness of your unit, integration, and E2E testing. I wrote unit tests that checked the functionality of the App’s state management, but I haven’t included integration testing yet. I have starred your repository on GitHub so I can get some tips on integration testing when I come back to this project in the future.

Thanks for sharing your code :slight_smile:

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Hey guys. I just finished the Reddit Client portfolio project, but there’s still a few annoying bugs I would like some help with. If anyone’s interested in lending a hand, they can find more info here: Issues · DavyK17/fgc-reddit · GitHub

Repository: https://github.com/DavyK17/fgc-reddit
Live link: https://fgc-reddit.netlify.app/

Hello everyone.
It feels like yesterday that I reached this project and was completely lost on how to do it. I didn’t know where to begin and what to do.
I had only followed Codecademy and didn’t study any other resources.
I even asked the people posting their project samples here, on how they managed to build it at all and what were their resources.
Some nice people answered and encouraged me to continue and pointed me towards those resources.
You can find the discussion here.

It has been more than one and a half month since then.
And I practiced.
Practiced. Practiced. Practiced.
I started very small. Building Todo apps and moving towards more complex stuff.
I searched the web, watched YouTube videos, and most importantly started to code myself.
And when I came upon some problem in my code that I couldn’t find the solution, I searched the web and most importantly asked in Stack Overflow.
Soon I was able to understand what is going on in React and then Redux and then even got a better understanding of JavaScript. Learned some interesting stuff along the way as well.

I did a lot of personal projects and with each one I got more comfortable with the environment of React/Redux.
One app that I recently built and am mostly proud of is this Spotify App, called Repotify, that fetches the top tracks of the artist you search from the Spotify API and lets you play a preview of them.

And now I have finally managed to do and finish the Reddit Client.

Repository: Reddix - GitHub Repository
Live App: Reddix

Your projects might not be perfect, just like mine isn’t perfect. But it achieves a greater purpose:
Showing how much you’ve learned and achieved and how far you’ve come since you began writing your first line of code.
You built it and it works.
No one can take that feeling away from you.

I want to say to those who sometimes feel lost and frustrated, to KEEP GOING.
Whenever you get frustrated just look back and reflect how much you have achieved since you started this journey.
Don’t lost your faith.
You can be the greatest programmer on the planet and still not know everything. Which is totally fine.
If you don’t totally understand a concept, search and practice and just repeat that.

I’m sorry that this turned out to be a long reading.
I hope everyone who is on this amazing path, achieve the best thing they’re looking for.
Believe in yourself.


Hey everyone!
I have finally finished my version of this project! Redux definitely gave me some trouble in understanding it, especially when I got to the thunks and all the async logic. I have also decided to implement React Router V6, which added another layer of challenge. Nevertheless, it is done, it is far from perfect, there is a lot of room for many improvements, but I definitely have a little better understanding of Redux and Redux Toolkit now.
I would appreciate any feedback, both positive and negative.
Here is the live demo: RedditMini
And here is the source code: GitHub
Thank you all and good luck to you as well! :slight_smile: