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Hello everyone :wave:

I am just now starting on the new Reddit Clone Project in the Front-End Engineering Path, and I have a couple of questions that I think many people will also have.

  1. Will there be a video project walkthrough?
  2. Will there be a task section that gives you direction on the next part to build?.

I understand that the point of these projects is to depend less on Codecademy’s instructions and solutions and rely more on your own knowledge, but sometimes the problem isn’t how to do something its what to do next. And having a guide pushing you in the right direction is very helpful.

Also having an experienced dev walk-through and explain why they built the project in a certain way gives us newbies great insight!!

I love all the new projects the Codecademy team has made. Keep up the great work.


Project seems like a nice challenge but I have a question about following the Reddit API access rules:
Reddit API

Here are some quotes from Reddit Documentation:

  • Web app: Runs as part of a web service on a server you control. Can keep a secret.
  • Installed app: Runs on devices you don’t control, such as the user’s mobile phone. Cannot keep a secret, and therefore, does not receive one.
  • Script app: Runs on hardware you control, such as your own laptop or server. Can keep a secret. Only has access to your account.

Web app

The app runs as the backend of a web server, on a server that only YOU have access to. Select this if:

  • You’re going to run a webservice that requires or takes advantage of access to user accounts. For example, http://ifttt.com allows any redditor to access their webservice and set-up tasks such as automatically putting all the user’s posts in their Evernote account.
  • You can keep your client secret secure and safe.
  • Your service is available over http or https . (It is preferred that your service be accessible over https to properly protect the authorization code)

Note : Only apps created as “installed” type apps may use the implicit flow. “web” and “script” type apps are considered “confidential” (i.e., they have secrets). Since you cannot safely send a secret via the implicit flow, we have elected to disallow implicit access to apps with secrets.

Looking at these access rules and considering that this is a front-end project to be hosted online, what is the correct way to access the Reddit API?