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About my experience it took me almost 2 days to finish , is a search mechanism in python to look over 2000 baby names to choose from.
Not perfect, the code was very simple and I did not use everything I learned.

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I did a similar project, However I collected the data based of the YELP API to create restaurants recommendations.

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I just used the one provided by codecademy

I used the example they gave and added voice recognition to it. I also changed what it was searching to be searching cuts of beef to grill.https://github.com/lukeskywalker1890/Grilling.git

I decided to create a movie recommendation software. Some parts were hard because some of the data (genre) was stored in an array so the linked list had to go through each genre for the movie. I really enjoyed making it though and learned a lot.



It’s exciting to watch your Recommendation Software Project come to a close! Those looking for feedback should look into generative AI development services to help improve the project. Accepting multiple points of view can lead to significant insights and improvements. I can’t wait to look over your repository!

I took code academy’s solution off of github and added functions to let you narrow down your choices if there is more than one option and then select the restaurant you want to get the address.

Alooo! First one from 2024… :melting_face:
I found this project very fun! Honestly, I kinda feel my project is very basic, but I am looking foward to return to it after completing more lessons and improve it. I created a Movies and Tv Series recomendation software using the Netflix Movies and TV Shows csv file found in Kaggle. dataset
Repo: recomendation software

I would apreciate feedback for improving this project.
Have a good one you all!