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I love it mate looks really clean! cool idea to add to your site for some extra functionality; ==> I’d bring some functionality out of the skills section making the symbols clickable and slide different skillsets would look so cool!! <===

dont have to do that just something i’d like to see ahahah !!

Ill add it to the list of idea I have! I want to add more functionality to the projects section as well just got some more to learn

EDIT: Also massive thanks for the feedback!

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No worries mate!! youre doing really well keep up the good work!!


I just finished my portfolio project that took me 1 week to finish.

My Personal Website :heart_eyes:

I used animate.css librarie for the animation.

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My free .me domain has expired. I have updated the website link to: https://daniellabrador.com

Hi everyone,

Here’s my personal portfolio project, I tried having a little fun and adding a little extra JavaScript to talk about myself. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! I hope you like it!

Would love to know ideas to make it better or what I could do differently, cant wait to hear!

Live Site: Parisha | Full Stack Developer
Repository: GitHub - Parisha’s Portfolio

Thanks in advance,


Hi dear community,

I wanted to show you guys my portfolio that I had done before starting my fullstack developer career path,
Cant’ wait to have your feedback !



Thanks in advance,

Hi everyone!

My first try to create a personal portfolio. Still have a list of things that I would like to add/change/ext., but it is taking a lot of time and I realized I’m stuck in an infinite loop of “make it better”. Not much JS, unfortunately, but hope to fix this soon. Feel free to leave your feedback! Kudos

Portfolio website



Here is my portfolio,
I’ll go back to it later on and improve the project description:

live: daviddaill.github.io/portfolio/
git-hub: GitHub - Daviddaill/portfolio: check out my portfolio to see all my projects


Hi everyone,

I’ve just finished my Personal Portfolio Website, it took me around 1 week to finish. There are some minor improvements to make, but I think the site is quite well. I would love to hear about you opinions about it.

Live: https://santiagoafur.github.io/
GitHub repo: GitHub - santiagoafur/santiagoafur.github.io

Kind Regards.


This is amazining love it

Hello everyone!

As a portfolio project I decided to make a page for a yoga school! it has some blank pages , but would love to hear your feedback concerning the code and my approach.


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Hello there,
here is my portfolio, i would love some feedback on how i could make it more beautiful, or more interactive. I didn’t have a lot of ideas.
My Portfolio (samar-al.github.io)
thx a lot and happy coding

Here’s my portfolio, This project took me longer than I wanted because I kept changing the style between stylish or professional. Let me know what you think of my cursor as well. Ask me anything!
Live site: https://kokirikaleb.github.io/
Git: kokirikaleb.github.io/index.html at main · KokiriKaleb/kokirikaleb.github.io · GitHub

I enjoyed creating this portfolio a lot and any feedback would be appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

Please see below links:

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Hi everyone,I just completed my portfolio project.Took me some time,but I finally got it done.
I’ll appreciate your constructive feedbacks
Live : https://dyi.netlify.app/

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