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Looks amazing! Very vibrant and eye catching!

This website makes me feel so happy and relaxed! Your choice of colors is great and the bubbles are super creative and unique.
Only thing I would change is how the pictures get squashed as you resize the page.

It’s really cool! Love all the shades of green. The landing page is very eye-catching, and overall, everything looks professional. The chimp is cute :grin:. My feedback would be that the buttons for ‘Click here for my resume’ and ‘Click here for my Github’ are not very obvious as clickable elements. Making the background bright and the foreground dark might back it stand out as clickable. But it might also ruin your aesthetic, so I don’t know :thinking:

Hi everyone, here’s my live site. And here’s my code.
I’ve learned so many things regarding CSS and Javascript with this project. Trying to get it to be responsive for a variety of screen sizes was an absolute nightmare :joy:, though it got there in the end (mostly). Would love any feedback on it!


Thanks for checking out my site and giving feedback! I really do appreciate it. I’ll take your feedback and look into making the buttons more clickable. I just checked out your site and I really like how you created a “pseudo” browser within your site. I think it really showcases your JavaScript skills. Checking out your site gave me a good dose of motivation to practice my coding skills :smile:

Hi everyone! I have just finished my portfolio project. I kept it super basic as I feel it will always be changing as I learn new skills. I struggled quite a bit with query Selectors and manipulating some of the DOM elements. I wanted to make my pic move or get bigger when I clicked on it. But I could not seem to select the correct element.

I thought it was really fun though. It was great using quite a bit of what I have learned so far. There is a lot of refinement needed so ANY feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Repository - to view my code

hosted page - to see what my site looks like!

Hello world,
Check out my portfolio website and every review will be appreciated and noted.
page: my portfolio Website
code: GitHub - aladesaye/my-portfolio: This is my portfolio website

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Here is my shot at the portfolio project. This is definitely a work in progress. Not all the links are working and I plan on styling this differently but with a newborn its been hard to make time to get this done.

live site: Portfolio Website
repo: GitHub - SeanHaugen/Portfolio

Let me know what you think!

Hi there! I just finished right now my project about the portfolio!
Do you think that I had to add more features on Javascript just to try? And for the mobile responsive part? It is good?
Thank you for the attention!

Live site: https://matteomarrass.github.io/
Repository: GitHub - matteomarrass/matteomarrass.github.io: My new Portfolio

HI there!
Just finished my personal portfolio project.
I know is quiet simple, but I’m still learning and any feedback would be so appreciated.
Thank you!

Well done! I liked your portfolio very much. Nice colour and design. I am doing my IT career switch course too as a complete beginner in IT. Thank you for sharing your project

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Hey. everyone! I did my Front-End web-portfolio - GitHub - NatalliaRak/CodecademyStudentPortfolio: Codecademy Front-End Student work - The Portfolio WebSite

Have some questions:

  • is my code accurate enogh in general?
  • I have feeling that my js is quite not uniq- could someone give some advice how to inrich it a bit?

Thank you for any feedback!