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I love your design! It’s minimalist, clean, and straightforward. However, I was pretty disappointed that I couldn’t access the items on your portfolio and their descriptions are “Lorem Ipsum.”

I hope you find my comments helpful!

I think your page is informative and I really liked that “Check Me” button!
So cute dog!

I really liked the colors you used.
I would try to get the preview of the projects to end up at the same height.
It is noticeable that you have spent a lot of time on this project.

Here is my portfolio:
Live Portfolio

Here is the repo:
GitHub Repo

I would be very happy if I get feedback on what I can do better!

Thanks in advance!

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It’s really nice, effective and easy to navigate. Well done !


Hi everyone,

Here is my completed portfolio project: Morgan K Portfolio
And here is the github repo: GitHub - morgankooman/Portfolio

I managed to use the time off around Christmas/new year to get it done. It took me some time to decide how I wanted to make it interactive.
Pretty cool how we can continue using our projects for work in the future!

Please let me know what you think


I like the clean look of the page.

I would make the project-links to open in a new page so it is easier to keep looking at the main-page.

And if you want more rounded corners for the buttons in nav, try use: border-radius: 1rem;

Well done :grinning:

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I’ve had a look at a number of the websites and they are all really good. I tried the minimalist approach.

Portfolio: Gavin Chirgwin (gachir.github.io)



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Hey everyone,
I just finished my Portfolio website, and I was hoping to get some feedback.

Here is the Github Repository
Here is my website (Robert Ortiz | Web-Dev)

Anything helps, thank you so much in advance. -Robert


Looks really good! Nice collection of projects you have. Great Job! Only tweak I might make would be to icon/github/linkedin icons. I found them a bit hard to see with the color / background combo. (also i am color blind so it may be just fine)

If you have thew time I would love some feedback too

Here is my personal portfolio website! Please let me know what you think! I will still need to add more content about me, skills and projects as I move through the training.
I have also attached the link to my gitHub repository:

Nice website, i noticed there isn’t a Skills section included on the website.

It would be good to know what languages you know and may have used to make the website!


Thanks for the feedback.
It is actually included when you select one of the projects.

Hi, everyone, would like to share my portfolio website with the community.
Hope to hear your opinion)
Site : Portfolio
Github: Repo


Hi Everyone,

I look forward to any opinions on my portfolio!

And here is the source code;

Wanted to keep it relatively simple until I learnt frameworks/libraries.


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Looks really nice!
I like the colour scheme and use of fun images, in particular the projects section.
For things to improve, I found the avatar image a little jarring when I scrolled down, so I would probably size that down to make it cohesive with the rest of the page.

Thanks for your comment. Regarding the avatar image, yes I understood it would be better to have it in vector but unfortunately, I have only png(

Looked through your web page. Nice solution. I would advise adding scroll-behavior: smooth; to create smooth animation between page section)


This is my first time posting my work on this fourm. Please give any feedback on making my portfolio site better. Thanks!

Live site: zishan4k.github.io/portfolio
Github repo: zishan4k.github.io/portfolio at master · zishan4k/zishan4k.github.io · GitHub



Thank you! I would never have thought of that!

Hey guys i made a personal portflolio website Abdullaziz's Portfolio
and this is the link to the github repository https://github.com/falconcode95/Portfolio-Site

( It is not like a proper portflolio website so i recommend to lower your expectations lol)