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Hi Meghan! Your portfolio is absolutely stunning and beautiful! :star_struck: I liked it so much and got inspired as well :slight_smile: The only small thing that caught my attention is the little scroll bars at some places - were they left on purpose? :slight_smile:

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Really nice design, well done :slight_smile:

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Super nice! Thanks for sharing!!

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Thanks so much, Natalya!

Would you mind telling me where you’re seeing the unwanted scroll bars? Just inspected across the main browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla, IE) and not catching any…

Huge thanks in advance, will definitely adjust!!

Thank you, @ulricocarmona !

Thank you, @aldojack !

Sure! :slight_smile:
I see it in Chrome…I didn’t check it in other browsers though. But I noticed - if I resize the browser’s width to less, then the scroll bars disappear. I attach a screenshot of what I see.

Thanks for the quick reply, @natalya87324 ! Very interesting…I can’t replicate it on my Chrome.

I’ve added overflow: hidden to the CSS so hopefully those little bars aren’t showing anymore. Definitely not my intent :slight_smile:

Appreciate your help!

Great portfolio! One of the best I have ever seen!

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I really love your portfolio site - the design and the content - and has inspired me in working on mine. :slight_smile: I wanted to share a couple screenshots though of the issue. The two pictures are of sizing the window slightly.


Thank you, @imladyartist !

Thank you, @abstractsins ! Really appreciate it and thanks for sending the sizing of where the issues happening…super helpful. Will hop on the fix today :nerd_face:.

All the best with your portfolio!

I really like your site. I love how you have interesting and different mouse-over’s than typical. I also like how the screen blocks are well viewed with scrolling. And I like how you plan to have some java script games in there too.

Thank you @abstractsins ! :slight_smile: Yeah my today’s games are still easy ones, thinking about more stuffs later :-p

Hi everyone. I would love to know what you guys think of my portfolio website and my projects within (especially the recipe website). It all uses html css and javascript. I’m hoping to start looking for freelance work. These sites should work on mobile best are best viewed on a full screen.

github: GitHub - abstractsins/abstractsins.github.io - but it’s in the “portfolio” and “recipes” folders…

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Hi everyone,

Here’s my personal portfolio project, I tried being a little different and adding a little extra JavaScript and animation here and there. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! I hope you like it! Some of the stuff on there isn’t accurate yet, but I thought I’d make it for when I’ve finished the courses I’m doing.

Live Site: Kai-Gen | Full Stack Developer
Repository: GitHub - AidanKLee/kaiGenPortfolio

Thanks in advance,



Hello Everyone! I’ve just finished my personal portfolio website project. It took me couple of days to finish because I was also working on some other stuff. Not much of a challenge thou but still room for improvement. I will update more later…

Link: My Porfolio Website

Your feedback and comments will be highly appreciated.

Thank you all.


Hello everybody,
I just have finished my personal portfolio website https://astarem.me/ , phew!
It took me 2 full days to make this tiny website :slight_smile:
It was really challenging, a lot of google, going back to my notes, trial and error. It is not just coding, making design decisions is very challenging too. I would have initial idea, try it, and it does not look good, then try another one. It made me realize how it is important to have a good initial design idea and follow it.
I appreciate any feedback :orange_heart:


Hello fellow learners!

I must tell you guys, this took me way way longer than expected.

I learned a ton and I got to feel more confident with my coding skills, meager as they are, for I proved myself I can code a little website from scratch.

I now you can make a website with no code at all in no time at all and this makes me feel uneasy about spending inordinate amounts of time writing code in VSCode just to get a cute looking site. I am hopeful this will turn out to be valuable later down the road.

I also found it much harder to make something personally meaningful to me than just making any random project.

Last thing is that I tried walking the thin line between accomplishing something I can be proud of while at the same time being ok with it not being ‘perfect’. I will continue tweaking things, re writing and styling until the day comes when it starts looking primitive and I’ll make another, better one.

code here
live site here (sorry about the typos, I’m still working on it!)

All the best buddies,



Hi everyone,
Just finished my simple personal website.
Please check it.

Here is live site Title
And here is code GitHub - VillainAntagonist/Personal-portfolio-website-: Personal Website for Codecademy project

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