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Hi again!
Wao…! I saw it again and sure it became more improved!!
It became a more fun design, but also a readable color combo.
Thank you for showing. :raised_hands:

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Hy I can see your beautiful works congratulations! I have to learn so many things… My portfolio site is https://vargajozsef.hu that and my work https://github.com/vargajozsi/sikloernyosklub is under construction about halfway. It iss not easy working and as well as learning :slightly_smiling_face:

Took me a while to finish this project, but it was definitely worth it. I enjoyed every step of the process and learn a few tricks along the way.

Sure, there were some frustrating moments (i.e., debugging the cause of the y-axis overflow from the enormous CSS and JavaScript code I built), but everything was worth it. I was able to pick more tools such as getting a Chrome extension to identify the z-index relationship between elements and getting my hands on Figma, which is a pretty dope wireframing/prototyping software.

Let me know what you think. I am open to constructive criticisms.

Website: https://daniellabrador.me
Remote Repository: https://github.com/daniellabrador/daniellabrador.github.io

This is my Personal Portfolio Website.
Any feedback would be appreciated!


Creating portfolio webpage was very interesting. I was exploring various ways on how to make it interactive. I wouldn’t say it was difficult. My only wish would be to have more skilful projects to add to it. But everything in good time :slight_smile:

Portfolio live website: artjanso

Portfolio git repository: artjanso

All feedback is welcome.



I have created my portfolio fully responsive with night mode option.
I spend more than a month creating it because I have some difficulties with CSS.
Please take a look and if you can, please give me some feedback.

Here is the live site: https://after909.github.io/My-Portfolio/
and GitHub repository: https://github.com/after909/My-Portfolio

Thank you so much!

Hi everyone,

following is the link to my personal portfolio https://foliveri.com/

Any comment will be welcomed.

Thank you,