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Thank you so much :smiling_face:

Hi Rosana,

Your home page looks really good and well designed.

Hope you are enjoying your course because it looks like you have a talent for it.

Buenas Dias


Here is a link to my Repo Folder: GitHub - Musaib1999/Musaib_Ishaq

Here is a link to the page: Musaib Ishaq

I had a lot of fun doing this. I am learning I need to keep practicing.

Leave me some comments to let me know what I can do better, please

Projects will be added soon.

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Hey guys, getting there with my portfolio website. I’d still like to make some changes for mobile viewers.

Spent way too long making the project folder work in css and javascript! Enjoyed it though.

The site is live at Matt Nightingale Web Development Portfolio

feeback very much welcome and encouraged!


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Looking good so far, perhaps you could increase the font size in the “Get to know me” section as it’s a little difficult to read.

Hey everyone, here is my portfolio website. I spent the last few weeks working on the design and build. I’m pretty happy with the outcome. Any feedback is welcome as I am always looking for ways to improve things.


Hello there! I finally finished my portfolio website, it took me a month and a half to complete it, considering that several weeks I was able to dedicate 2 hours or even 0 to it.

Github repository:

Live website:

I kindly ask you for some feedback on this as well as help: in VS Code the background of the hero section loads particle.js correctly but from github it doesn’t work. Anyone who can help me?

Hi, I just finished my Portfolio Project! Honestly took me a lot of time and it’s not completely ready (I still have to add specific properties for the entire funcionalities to be optimal for every browser). Its performance it’s not the best and I know that I can enhance it in some way, I will do that.

Link to the live page → My Portfolio

Take a look and please tell me if something is not working.

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Hello there,

Here is my porfolio.

The porfolio

This is my personal portfolio. I am doing front-end and is it too early to ask for advise how to make it look more professional and less basic?
git code: SabKaz78614/Personal-Portfolio · GitHub
live site: https://sabkaz78614.github.io/Personal-Portfolio/

Any advise on how to improve will be greatly appeciated!

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Hey Ricardo! Really nice job! I’m about to start my own.

Nice page! I love it.

Hi, I just completed the portfolio project website. Here is a link to github for it: GitHub - JuniorAlphonse/PortfolioWebsite: This project will host the code for my personal portfolio site.. Any productive suggestions are valued. Thank you in advance.

Hello, I just compleated the portfolio project website. Here is the link to the live site Live site and here is the github code.

I wrote 95% of this myself, addins I used were EmailJS for the contact form, and a custom toggle button for theme changing that was free to the public. This is my first project where I used a grid system, I think it took around 16 hours from project start to this stage where I feel like it’s in a pretty finished form and I can easily add to it as needed.

Any feedback would be awesome!


Hey everyone. I want to share my progress. I have been actively studying front-end for 4 months now and here is my Personal Portfolio.

Live Version
Git Repo

Here is the link to the high-fidelity wireframe if you are interested:

I would love to hear your feedback :smiley:

Here is my Portfolio Project.
I’ll be grateful for your feedback. Thank you!

Hey guys here’s my portfolio project
Github repo- https://github.com/zaddy66/Personal-Portfolio
live link- https://zaddy-portfolio.netlify.app/

It look me 2weeks! It was fun experience first time building whole landing page in code. Love to get your feedbacks.