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Thank you so much, mate! :pray:t3:
I really appreciate your kind words! I think I spent a little bit too much time on this project, but since it’s a personal portfolio and eventually it will be used to showcase my work to potential employer or clients I said to myself, what the ■■■■, just give it all you got. :smiley:
As for the About Me link, thanks for pointing that out, I have forgotten to disable it, since I have not built the about me page yet.

You said that you like the geometrical shapes responding to the mousemove event, so let me ask you, don’t you think they are a little bit distractive? I have been contemplating whether I should reduce their size because they might be too distractive for some users. Also I decided to rearrange things a little bit yesterday and completely changed the layout of the projects and skills sections and in the process I started playing with the colors of the hero and contact form sections, so I changed them as well. I just can’t help myself, when I start changing something I cannot stop. :rofl:

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Impressive man. Nice work

Hello Everyone,

Check my personal portfolio project here: https://tatchin.link/.
I would be grateful for any feedback!


Hi! The page is looking nice but in PC version there is a lack of white space, icons are a little too big, plus some of your pics’ downloading is too slow. Their size is too big.
Keep going and happy coding!

Hi! Your portfolio is almost perfect! Very impressive! But why do you need those grey vertical stripes?

Here is my solution to the Personal Portfolio project.

It took me a while to decide what I wanted to add to the site and how to lay it out and style it. I am happy with the result and I will continue to add to it and tweak the interactivity.
Any comments on the styling and layout are welcome…

Live site: Tommy Gee (tommygee63.github.io)

Repository: tommygee63/portfolio (github.com)

Hey! Thanks a lot, it’s much appreciated! :slight_smile:

As for the vertical lines running down the main section, the idea was to make it seem like they are defining the borders of the container for the project boxes. So the first project box is aligned to the right overlapping the right border and slightly sticking out, and every other box is aligned to the left, essentially overlapping the left border, and also sticking out. For the middle line the idea was to have a Works button in the middle of Hero section with an arrow icon. The arrow icon in it’s initial state is slightly translated down and the overflow property of the Works button is set to hidden, essentially hiding the triangle of the arrow, leaving just the line visible, making it seem like the arrow is flowing into the middle line. Then on hover I translate the arrow back up revealing it, to indicate to the user that if clicked, they will be directed downwards on the page. I thought it would be a nice UX feature.

I actually had a look at the lines again when you mentioned them and adjusted the color to make them slightly less visible. I think they don’t draw so much attention now. Thank you for pointing that out! :slight_smile:

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Here is my portfolio:

Here is the repo:

“just need to add 2 different projects”
Would love some feedback!

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Hi! Nice color palette! A few remarks here: The shape of buttons should be the same. And the font for introducing line would look better bigger.

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Hi! Good point , thanks for the feedback, really appreciated!

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Thank you. Hello @discobot

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Hello, Codecademy community! :rocket:

I’m excited to share my web portfolio with you all. I came across a design online and took it upon myself to recreate it. The content is in Spanish because, besides being a personal project, it’s also part of a school assignment.

:globe_with_meridians: Live Portfolio: https://angel1t0.github.io/

:open_file_folder: GitHub Repository: GitHub - Angel1t0/Angel1t0.github.io: Personal web portfolio developed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, incorporating visual effects with the Intersection Observer API.

Feedback is always welcome! Thanks for checking it out.

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I have completed the first portfolio project took me a while to build mainly focused on the javascript since that was what I was recently learning but open to design feedbacks and possible tips from developers in the field for improving the quality of my code and making sure it is readable to other developers. GitHub - RubenMiramo/learn-guitar-chords: Learn guitar basics with my javascript project

Hey, everyone!

And wow, this one was quite a tough cookie to tackle…
Here’s for y’all to check out my rather-minimalistic portfolio site:

The only challenge here that’s driving me bonkers is the inability to make my JS code reflect on my Safari browser.
I know there are debuggers in VS code for Chrome and Firefox, but I prefer sticking to Safari.

As I checked other fellow students’ projects, it worked fine on mine. Am I missing something?
I would greatly appreciate your input :blush:

Finally I was able to put my website live on ghpages -
website - The greatest masters and scholars of Statecraft and Military Strategy
repo - GitHub - Abhishek993-10/website.github.io

Hi there, Here is my portfolio project. It’s very basic but appealing with light and dark mode.

here is the github link: Portfolio Project - CodecademyPersonal Profile Project by Codecademy

Please give your valuable feedback. Thanks!

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Hey Guys, I’m about to upload my personal portfolio to GitHub.

But before I do, I have a quick question for the random message generator.

When I created my “mixed messages” piece I checked it
Run fine in node.js in visual studio code.

However in my portfolio website, in my html,
I have included the

tags on all of my web pages. I have tested the “alert box” which pops up fine. But for some reason you can only see my random message pop up in the **console**every time you press refresh In Google chrome, you can see the next random message pop up. Any suggestions what I may be missing. ? I just want to link the button to my JavaScript code, and run The script on one webpage. Please advise.. 🤓

Hey Guys … :blush:

Well I have looked at my portfolio html page again, and my javascript random message generator code, and cannot see what I am missing. I just don’t understand why the random message generator works perfectly in the console at the side in google chrome. But will not display on screen- of the website for my portfolio page. I am constantly researching…I’m sure I need to make a message box below the button…? :thinking: or play with the css code.

Any how this is how my portfolio looks for now… I haven’t added a ‘Read Me’ just yet… as I just wanted to check my content was all there, and would display correctly. The main issue other than my message generator not displaying below the button, is the fact that images are not loading as fast as I would like.

Any feed back or thoughts are welcome… Thank you :grin:

My Portfolio

Here’s my portfolio project: madelinepdx.github.io/about-me-portfolio-project/

Github: GitHub - madelinepdx/about-me-portfolio-project: About Me

I’d love any feedback, any at all.
BTW, JavaScript isn’t as obvious at first glance - it’s employed when hovering over each project.