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Hi all.
Here is my webpage: Live
And GitHub repository: https://github.com/rotarumihai/Mihai-Rotaru-Personal-Webpage

Every feedback is welcoming!

Dear classmates!

It is such a satisfying feeling to be on this page, isn’t it? Congrats to all of you who are here completed or completing your projects!

If you have any feedback, I will be more than happy to receive.

Thank you so much!


Great portfolio. It looks really good and professional.


Please checkout and review my personal portfolio page. It was a fun challenge to apply all that I’ve learned thus far. But I think I can do more.

So I really would appreciate any feedback or ideas on how to tweak my page. Was thinking of changing the contact field to include a form to submit as well as the social contact options.
Maybe more ways to include JS?

Live webpage - Kendall Harmon's Portfolio
GitHub - GitHub - Kend4lll/My_Portfolio

Hello Everyone!!

Feel free to give any feedback in my project;

I use react since I had an unfinish portfolio project: Source Code
Live demo

I have completed this project.
I use html, css, javascript and I really would appreciate any feedback or ideas on how to tweak my page.

Hello. I think you are misunderstood something.

The project should have two web page, one is a home page and one is a contact page. If you click on the contact page you will go to the contact page and if you click on the home page you will go to the home page. You will navigate to another page instead of navigating to another section on the same page.

You can check out my project at Live Webpage and Github to see the difference

Thank you! I will make the adjustments and design a contact page. Gives me more practice.

his guys!!
I finally finished my work :sweat_smile:
any feedback would be appreciated
here is my repo and LIVE version

Hi guys!

Here is my portfolio website:

Official Website: Portfolio

GitHub: schnattiba1.github.io/portfolio at main · schnattiba1/schnattiba1.github.io · GitHub

This project was quite challenging for me but i managed to finish it :slight_smile: .

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Hi here is my portfolio project, it is in Spanish.