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Hey! Sorry didn’t see you reply—-i was able to find it— i see if you click the words at the top of the page, it opens up an about me with your info. I love how the pop-up displays, but im not sure its the easiest to find the “glow” effect is subtle, and I wouldn’t think to hover as it seems like a title. Maybe its as simply as adding some wording context that indicated thats where people find the extra goodies.

Still great work!

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Here is my take on the personal portfolio project. I made a “random fun facts” generator for the JavaScript portion :sunglasses:

Thanks for taking a look!

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Hey, I recently launched my personal website and would love some feedback on it. If you have a minute, please check it out and let me know your thoughts. Thanks!



Thats allright schy,
I agree on every word, its not the right solution to let any user know there is something to click up there.
Im just thinking how to implement it keeping the layout as clean as it is, including an improvement for images - onclick process on mobile.
Lets keep studying!

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Hi! I made my portfolio pretty simple, the links don’t work yet haha!
I made the home page responsive but not so much the About page, and minimal styling as I have another WordPress site I use for my portfolio!

For JS I added a simple “Go Back” button and an easter egg!

live → Kailie Khoury
code → GitHub - Karbeau/Portfolio

One thing I struggled with was the idea of best practices when coding, especially with JS! For the back button its solely within the html as a built in JS method.

<button onclick="history.back()">Go Back</button>

While the easter egg is solely in the JS file and linked at the bottom of the HTML doc using <script>.
When looking for examples some had the function within the html
<button onclick="myFunction()">Click me</button>, and so it was hard to determine best practice vs programmer preference.

Those are just my thinking-out-loud thoughts though! Thanks for reading!


so, I am trying to keep the header fixed on top of my layout so it remains visible all time, and the about link is more obvious.
I am using:
header { position: sticky; top: 0; z-index: 5; }
main is scrolling on top of the header which, makes me use z-index so it scrolls underneath the header, but I am not making it happen.
Whatever I do the main stays on top of it no matter what and, I have no clue why.
Can anybody give it a read and tell me why??
This is something to be done in just a moment and its been over 3 hours trying to understand why it keeps on top of it.
Considering z-index only works on positioned elements and flex items, I should have make it work

Hi everyone!
I am so excited to have the first implementation of my portfolio. I know there will be tons of improvements coming but I am happy to see it grow and I have put a lot of love to it. Very excited to get feedback and always keep improving :two_hearts:
See it live

and my github repo here

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I completed the project, but I can tell this will be updated as my learning strengthens.
I used JavaScript by inputting header and footer into each page. This way I can just update the HTML in one place.
Let me know what you think and any critiques!

Live Site: https://apmanager001.github.io/portfolio/
Github repo: https://github.com/apmanager001/portfolio/tree/master

Your site looks great! I found the easter egg, great idea!

Something I noticed, your portfolio images don’t min size under 600 so the image expands past viewpoint. Also, I hadn’t seen a contact form if you wanted to implement that in your site too.

Thanks for sharing!

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Very Impressive, your portfolio is so responsive and looks very professional. Well done!


Please see below for my personal portfolio website project:


I decided to keep the contact details on one page as I thought it flowed nicely.

Please let me know if you have any advice/feedback.

Nga mihi,


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Very cool! I loved the color scheme and minimalist design.

Keep going!


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All I can say is this is next level, so good. Well done.

thanks for your encouragement and nice words! :smiling_face:

Well done, your site looks great. I really like your fun fact!

Feedback would be it doesn’t seem to be responsive. When viewing in a full browser it doesn’t cover the full page, or shrink with a smaller viewpoint.

Thank you!

Yes, I really had problems trying to make it responsive. Do you have any tips? I tried using percentages, but it still didn’t seem to work.


Sure! I found your repo and there was a few things that stuck out in your code

  1. there are a few classes that use px for width and could take them out completely or use %

  2. using more @media only screen: for the header and each section

  3. using the inspect feature in chrome is so helpful when figuring out grid. It will show you where each element is and if there is any gaps.

Nice work! Love the Skills & Tools icons :smile:

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thanks a lot for your response! :sunny:


I have finished my personal portfolio.
I will be really appreciate if you will check it and give your advices.

Link: Personal Portfolio

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