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Hi Adam!

Please, check you active link to your website, because it send me to the getform instead you personal portfolio.

Hi Adam!
Thank you for your feedback! It was usefull!

  • I change the color on the drawing on/off buttons to a brighter one, so i think it helps people to pay attention to them.

  • Centered my profile picture.

  • I’ve made different nav for desktop and mobile because aside menu on the mobile would take a third of the entire screen.

  • Add visual separations to the projects. I use the same gradient as in the work module.

  • I leave cutting off projects because when I tried to put them fully in the project container, they have become unreadable (like on your screen). So I decide to leave them as they are.

Cheers, Igor/@starsky007

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Thanks for catching that! I think I will have to repost my original since it appears you only have a limited time to edit posts.


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Hello everyone, here is my portfolio, for now is not working copletely until i finish my back-end part, so i can process the form, but this is how it would look once done… hope you like it…

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Hey all, hope everyone is well. I have just completed a portfolio website project and would appreciate if someone could review my code. All feedback welcome, particularly on how to write cleaner and more efficient code. Here the link to my code: GitHub - Lekeadeloye/portfolioWebsite and here’s the link to the webpage: Leke's Portfolio Site :blush:

Hello guys, i had my go at the portfolio. So here you go, still not completely finished but basic idea is there. It took me two weeks, was hard but fun.Hope you like it.

Link to live page

Hello everyone!

Posting my starter portfolio here. Very intimidated by the calibur of so many portfolios here! haha. Just started to learn code from scratch start of 2022 so hopefully it isn’t to bad for the time invested!
Before job search, i will go back and update pics as i’m learning i need to have some photos done for the portfolio. but this is my starter home page… links and content pages will be added as i do more projects.

Thanks in advance for constructive criticism!

Portfolio site: Brian Cooper | Front End Developer

Finally finished the portfolio project after a few days. There were a lot of really well laid out sites which was intimidating. I wanted to make mine a good reflection of myself. Adding js was such a headache - I will admit.

See Code Here

See Site Here


Hi Everyone!

I would really appreciate any thoughts or feedback that anyone has about my portfolio website. You can visit it at byemalin.com

Here is a link to my GitHub pages: https://github.com/malin888/byemalinPortfolio

Thanks a lot!


Hi, this is my portfolio project. I am unable to complete some of the email / telephone links and website links to showcase my other projects but will update this as I go along.

I took about 10 hours to complete this.

I created my portfolio but I don’t feel like I have any projects yet that are really good enough to put in YET! The mixed messages project, for example, is only the JavaScript, no html to make it interactive yet.

On this project, I used JS to make every 5th word highlighted and made some some interesting movements with icons using CSS. I will update it to include screenshots and links when my projects improve! Also - I haven’t gotten my cert yet even though it says I did, lol - My Portfolio in Progress


I would like to introduce you to the portfolio I have made to my current job in the advertising - commercial photography industry. Some more things - styling to be re-think, but I am sure you will get the idea:


I am gonna say straightaway I went nuts with Javascript. Tried to build some logic behind images toggling on/off to show/hide some hiddden logos behind images but when I was finding a solution to something, something else was happening else where in addition to me not getting it. It was never ending.

So in spite of my attempt to build that javascript logic I made a different solution that I thought it was not ideal on mobile, but that mirja_t came to the rescue with on mobile. I image this is how collaboration is like in codecademy, at least is the closest I have been.

I believe Its been around 10 days - 5 hours a day (±) trying different layouts until I did find one that was enough for my purpose. The Javascript thing took me for a walk several times right before frogs were coming out form my mouth.

Will you let me know things about this portfolio? No filters

Happy Miercoles!

I just completed my portfolio here: https://leighperez.me/

I would appreciate any feedback and comments, thank you