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not available. Check ur GitHub page

needs def links to ur repositories. like when u click on one of ur projects in portfolio

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Nice idea and design but too much pink, actually only pink…

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Thanks @chip1110030039 . I have to put those in.

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Hello everyone :slight_smile:
it was a fun to build my own personal website and share it with you
live version: HK | Portfolio
github: GitHub - Husain22/my-portfolio

Your website looks very nice- clean and friendly. Good job

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Hi, see my portfolio website link click here
and repository here

It was a challenging assignment, but very happy with the result, took me a few good weeks, limited time available.
I loved learning some new CSS properties and some JavaScript interaction was cool to learn about and implement.
Thanks and feedback welcomed!


Here is my Personal Portfolio Website: SnapShot

It did take me longer than expected to start and finish this assignment about 2 weeks, when it should have taken me about a week. Nonetheless it’s finally done.

Link to the repo: GitHub - niortega1/SnapShot: SnapShot Photography is a photographic website bringing everyday photos available to the world for free.

Please let me know what you think!

Hello to all!
Here is my Portfolio Project

Good afternoon.
Here is my Portfolio Project. Really pushed myself. Learned so much about animations(Framer Motion), React and Tailwind. Also, first time struugled with perfomace issue, as website grew and load time increses so much. Had to optimise my images to AVIF format.
Would love to hear some feedback.
Live Website: https://www.vladnechyt.com/
Git: GitHub - Nutopia13/Portfolio-2.0
Thank you


Hi everyone :slight_smile:
Here is my portfolio project.
Live: Portfolio
GitHub repository: GitHub - vasylyna-p/project_portfolio

Would love to hear any feedback. Thank you in advance for your time.

Have a great day and easy coding!


Check my portfolio too! It’s a simple html-css website with a little touch of javascript. It a beginner level but I hope to become better soon! :slight_smile:



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Hey everyone, here is my portfolio project. I did used Bootstrap for styling and a lot of HTML, not so much JS, just to import a library.

Hey there everyone here is my take on the personal site.
I’d love feedback and I appreciate anyone who reviews my completed project!

Portfolio Site Project

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Please see my Portfolio project. I learned a lot about Grid layout when developing these pages.

Live: website

Code: all files here

Your Work is inspiring,You are the G.O.A.T!!