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Thank you very much for this post

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Here’s my portfolio website I made, would love some feedback! :slight_smile: Swimming Tuna



Everytime we made a new project I enjoy it more. This in particular, I felt like it integrated what we’ve learned so far.

I would like to share my web portfolio page: My Personal Portfolio

And the link to the repo: GitHub - Mikheltodd/MyPersonalPortfolio


Hi Everyone,

Here is my portfolio project:

I would appreciate your feedback and comments.

Thank you in advance.



Here is my personal portfolio website! Please let me know what you think!

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Nice site. Tip: add a fixed nav :slight_smile:

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Very nice site. Very professional and easy to navigate and read

Here is my website. Everything was built from scratch with no plug-ins. I have only included one project as that is all I have done. As more projects are completed I will fill the site up with more content.

I did not include any info about myself as I want the work to speak for itself. Also, I am a big fan of minimalism.

Hope you like all the animations. Give me feedback if you feel anything could be better.




Hi All,

Greetings of the day.

Here is my website: https://naiyapatel.netlify.app/

you can view the code on github @ naiyagpatel (Naiya Patel) · GitHub

I know still lot can be improved to make it look better but tried my best.

Hopefully you have liked this.

As always your valuable feedback is much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hope you have a good day :slight_smile:

Happy coding :slight_smile:



Hi everybody :wink:
this is the link to my wbssite on github pages : https://lucaacerno.github.io/

Here you can find the code and the entire project on the relative repository:

Right now there isn’t a lot of stuff, by the way i’m learning and soon i will update with new projects!!!

Please leve me a comment for better solutions or just for fun. Thanks a lot :wink:

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I think your portfolio website is well structured and readable! :star_struck:
One thing, I noticed the h3 color(tomato orange) and the background color(medium right gray) are a bit low contrast combo (it can check ex. Chrome Developers, contrast ratio or a11y color).
For example, the background color of the header(black) is good bg-color for main contents, too, I think.
Thank you for showing your site!
It inspire me :+1:

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Hi, thanks for the comment!
You’re right but I didn’t want too much contrast with the background and I chose this color for now, later adding content I will have to review many of my choices …
I am happy to have been an inspiration to you even if let’s face it this is just a little exercise;)
Anyway, thanks again and see you next time!
ps ( i like your portfolio website too, it is much lighter and more professional than mine !|!



Hi, thanks for answering my comment!
Now I understood why you choose these colors.
Thank you for visiting my portfolio website and commented, too. (…and you can write Japanese, haha!)
We, let’s keep going study …!
See you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hi, i don’t know Japanese but google translate it’s a good tool for that :wink:
See you and have a nice day!

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I like your use of icons in the ‘skills’ section, it looks very professional and is nicely centred. The way that the icons increase in size - and the text turns green - on hover is a good effect.

The only minor change that I would make would be to increase the font size to make it easier to read.

Well done on a professional portfolio website!

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Hi everybody, I am 30% through the ‘Full Stack Engineer Course’. I spent many hours on this personal portfolio website, and I enjoyed putting the CSS Flexbox and CSS Grid skills that we have learned into practice. I would appreciate any feedback :slight_smile:

Website: https://chris-larham-1983.github.io/
Coding: GitHub - chris-larham-1983/chris-larham-1983.github.io

Ciao Chrislarham;
Thank you for the comment and hint too.
Feel free tu use my code if you want :wink:
This is just an exercise so we’ll see in the future whit a real portfolio whats will happen!!!

Here is my portfolio project, I would love some feedback on the UI! This took about a week or so, but i will probably improve on this and add more functionality later on as I improve
Live site: Hudson
Github: GitHub - Hmcg23/my-portfolio1: My Portfolio Website


I have finish to work on the real page now, no more exercise :wink:
What do you think?

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