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Hi! Here’s my solution to the project: GitHub - Link

I really enjoyed putting together most of the knowledge that I’ve got going through half of the back-end developer path! I added som stuff on my own so the project probably took 3-4 full days to complete!
Custom features:

  • Front End HTML and CSS. (Very basic)
  • Automated testing for most of the serverside functionality (30 tests in mocha and chai)

I would love to hear some general feedback on my filestructure and coding structure. Any other feedback is also appreciated!

I’ll check in with someone elses solution and give som feedback myself.


Hello, This is my solution to the Personal Budget project GitHub.
This was an interesting project and it was very fun to try and develop an entire API from scratch.

Hi everyone,

There is my work.

Please feel free to have a look and share your thoughts.
I did a bit of a front, I got inspired by the API-quotes project but I still missing some comprehension to go further.

I think it is a good project worth working on it.

Best of luck !

Hi everyone,

Here is my completed project I have implemented swagger for UI and I set up my envelops.
This project has really thought me how to work with express thank you very much

Feel free to tell me what I can do to improve on

Many Thanks

GitHub Repo: Source Code
Live Link to the project: Depolyed to Heroku

Hello everyone, I am missing some pretty fundamental info that I was hoping I could get some help with, in the routes, how do you get the ‘api/envelopes’ url? and the rest of the urls? I get errors that say it is unable to fetch the url. Thanks!


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Hay Everyone…

this is my work…
i create personal budget project with Prisma ORM

repo : visit this

Here is my link to the first Personal Budget project: https://github.com/A-Penny/Personal-Budget

For the first time I actually felt like I was getting things right more often than not. I would make changes to the database, then to the apiRouter, and I would test it out using Postman and the results would be succesful! I had my fair share of head-scratching moments where I had to google some things, but I never looked at solution code. I’m sure there are plenty of better ways to have done things, but I am proud of my progress. I look forward to getting even better!

Hi! That is my solution to the Personal Budget Project.
I am looking forward to add some Front End feature soon.
But still I would be grateful for overall feedback about my project.

In the following link is my solution to the Personal Budget portfolio challenge.
github: Personal Budget
Any comment would be very appreciated.

Hey there,
This is my personal solution to the “personal project”

Any comment is highly welcome. Thanks

Just starting to work on this project, I’ve been trying to understand what the appropriate file structure is for a frontend/backend project. The Boss machine project had some files in the root folder

- root/
  - browser/
  - node_modules/
  - server/
  - test/

Is this typical? I saw an article on medium for a front end react / backend nodejs medium clone project and the file structure similar but looking for anwsers on stackoverflow I found completly seperating them with

- root/
  - frontend/
  - backend/

where both have there own node_modules, package.json, ect

Kindly check out my project here: GitHub - codeHokage1/personal-budget: An API that employs Envelope Budgeting method to save, spend and transfer money
I’d appreciate your feedbacks.

It was a thrilling task and I spent about 3 hours writing these logics. It was fun too. I tried out a couple of different things.
Thanks in advance!


I have just completed the Personal Budget project.

It took me a lot longer than I expected, mainly because I bumped into quite a few problems as I tried to implement the functionality I wanted. However, with the help of Google, and a LOT of coffee, I finally got to a finished article.

The code is definitely not perfect or clean. However, I intend to improve upon it as I work further through the back-end engineering course.

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Hello all,

I have just complete the Personal Budget project. Came back after delving into typescript and like the opinionated language, so implemented the project using it. Also, stuck to the architecture of MVC (Model View Controller) used in enterprise applications for a cleaner, more readable, maintainable code. This project is a starting point to further develop idea about back-end development.

I would appreciate if anyone would be willing to look into the project and give an honest feedback (don’t hold back on any critiques).

Hello Sreeharsha, first of all I would like to say you did a really great job of structuring your project, and I would consider making my project as neat as yours for my upcoming ones :grin:. In addition to that, I have a really small inquiry regarding something I noticed in your project inside envelopeController.ts file.
Lets take for example the first function:
public getAllEnvelopes = async (req: Request, res: Response): Promise => {
const envelopes = await this.envelopeService.getAllEnvelopes();
Take a close look at the envelopes variable, I can see that you’re returning a promise while invoking envelopeService.getAllEnvelopes(), well I have checked the getAllEnvelopes in the envelopeService.ts file and I can’t see that you’re function is returning a Promise, neither it’s declared to be async. Therefore, the getAllEnvelopes will not return a Promise. Yes, this will work fine since you’re retrieving your data from a local mock DB on your server.

Proposed Enhancement:

  1. You can make your functions return promises by requesting data from a local/remote DB, or you can even use https://mockapi.io/ for simulating the process. (I prefer this one since there’s a second part of the project where you retrieve your data from a DB)
  2. You can remove all the async await syntax from the envelopeController.ts since there’s no need for them.


Hello everyone, here’s my basic solution for the first part of Personal Budget project, I covered all the requirements sticking to the KISS principle.
Feel free to look at my code and give some advices of how to enhance it and make it better for the second part of the project.

Github: GitHub - ahmadawji/personal-budget-1: Welcome to the Personal Budget API! This project allows clients to create and manage a personal budget using Envelope Budgeting principles. Users can manage budget envelopes and track the balance of each envelope. The API follows best practices regarding REST endpoint naming conventions, proper response codes, etc.