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Hi! Here’s my solution to the project: GitHub - Link

I really enjoyed putting together most of the knowledge that I’ve got going through half of the back-end developer path! I added som stuff on my own so the project probably took 3-4 full days to complete!
Custom features:

  • Front End HTML and CSS. (Very basic)
  • Automated testing for most of the serverside functionality (30 tests in mocha and chai)

I would love to hear some general feedback on my filestructure and coding structure. Any other feedback is also appreciated!

I’ll check in with someone elses solution and give som feedback myself.


Hello, This is my solution to the Personal Budget project GitHub.
This was an interesting project and it was very fun to try and develop an entire API from scratch.

Hi everyone,

There is my work.

Please feel free to have a look and share your thoughts.
I did a bit of a front, I got inspired by the API-quotes project but I still missing some comprehension to go further.

I think it is a good project worth working on it.

Best of luck !