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Thanks for the feedback. i realized that and later create a function that returns a random string from each array that is passed in the function’s argument. I print those directly in the randomMessageGenerator().

Hey Devs, good morning for all, here is my gist repository from Mixed Messages Project:

I made a page that generate an random personality by Neris and one Random quote,


Hi, here is my first Codecademy project on GitHub!

The output is available either from the command line with script.js, or as a webpage on GitHub Pages which imports the same script file.

To get the benefits of modern coding practices, I have assumed that it is OK to rely on ES6. Is that a reasonable assumption nowadays or is it still unwise to assume that practically everyone is using a browser or JavaScript parser that supports the new syntax?

I am still not totally sure why function expressions are evidently preferred to function statements in most JavaScript tutorials, but I have adopted that approach and nested one of the functions as it is not needed in the global scope.

I was quite nervous at first trying out new things and publishing it, but I’m now pleased and relieved to have achieved it and I’m more than happy to learn of any improvements for the coding style or structure. Anyway, it seems to work, but let me know your thoughts!

Thanks for reading.

Hi, future software developers!

I just created my first project: GitHub - kacper-rus/Mixed-messages-horoscope: Horoscope generator program, every time a user runs

The idea was to get a random horoscope message every time a user runs the program. Hope you’ll enjoy your horoscope! :smiley:

Hey coders,

This is my bare-bone rendition of the project if you are looking for some guidance for a simple version solution:)

Hey, that’s a lot of creative horoscope advice! I like the way you included today’s date and then output a multiline message, and you documented the source of the messages on the README page. Don’t forget to end each line of code with a semicolon as sometimes two lines can get interpreted as one if the parser gets confused in more complicated cases.

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This looks great fun, nice use of the addToWordBank() function to push each word on to an array, and your README and JavaScript comments make it really clear to understand. (I must remember to add more comments in my own scripts!) As always, don’t forget to include a semicolon at the end of each line of code, in case a more complicated script causes multiple lines to be interpreted as one.

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Nice integration of html and css! I would suggest a table of contents for your readme for easier navigation for first lookers:) Also I wonder: is there a reason you wanted your array of words in the local scope of the function instead of declared in the global scope?

Thanks, that’s a great suggestion. I have seen lots of great README pages so perhaps I ought to be more thorough in readiness for larger projects. In trying to present the output, I was surprised how tricky it was to get the CSS to center the vertical alignment of the output while also keeping the footer at the bottom of the viewport and not overlapping if the window is small enough to require scrolling. Sometimes the simplest things seem to take the most time. Also, I am sure I ought to have more script comments!

With scoping, I think it is generally best to keep scope as narrow as possible if functions or variables are not intended for external use, to avoid inadvertent name clashes and to reduce the chance of variables or functions from being used elsewhere intentionally but with unintended consequences. Of course, with a small single-script project like this, there is no room for real confusion; but with larger projects across multiple files/modules, perhaps minimising scope avoids confusion. I look forward to learning more about scope and combining scripts/modules later in the course.

I should also mention that I found it helpful to validate the JavaScript (and the HTML and CSS!). This picked up some minor slips and compatibility issues that did not affect the result but might have caused problems if the files were later re-used.

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I liked the idea. Good job!

If you allow me to make a suggestion to your code, would be to use “today.toLocaleDateString()” as I put in the example,
to get the same date format as you intended without all those extra variables

const today = new Date(); const formattedDate = today.toLocaleDateString() console.log(formattedDate)

I went for a “Knock Knock” joke kind of project and I think I should’ve picked something different as there’s not too much flexibility there.

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Hi people,
Probably was not the best way to do it, after seeing all your codes, I think that I should do it in a more efficient way, but hey! I am learning hehe

Hi coders :wave:, here is my first Codeacademy project on github!

Link to the project: https://github.com/sgnortes/SeerProject

The main goal of creating a random message generator was succesfully achieved. In my case I created a future predictor.

The learnings from the course that I applied were:

  • Code was written using OOP (I created a class called Seer that has a method named futurePrediction() that when called “predicts” the future)
  • I learned to install extensions in VSCode.
  • I started to use ESLint to improve code quality.
  • I also formatted the code in a nicier way using Prettier extension.
  • I used markdown language to create the README file.
  • I used version control locally and in the cloud.

Feel free to add a branch to the repository and create a pull request if you come up with ideas to improve it.

Have a nice day!

Hi everybody,

Here is my attempt at to the Mixed Messages generator project. Any feedback is welcome. It looks quite simple compared to some projects already posted here!

I managed to use Git and GitHub, Command line and code in JS!

Thanks to all!

Hello everyone! I hope you are well.
Here is the code I wrote for this project. I feel it is repetitive at some point, so I would love to read your feedback!

Thank you. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Here is my project. I’m loving programming again, after many years doing only management stuff. The project wasn’t too hard, but required reviewing previous course lessons . Thanks for the feedbacks

Hello Everyone,
I have created a program that generates random inspirational message according to your mood.
I have make this project by JavaScript and some HTML.
Please provide me any feedback or suggestion on how i can make it any better or simple.
and also my mistakes if there are any.

I do not know how to connect HTML to JavaScript. So i have google it this is all i got.

Thank You