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Hey guys, and here my Mixed Messages project. It’s very simple, because I am still struggling with algorithms , so if someone is also trying to make something simple, you can use this as a refference.

Hey everyone!

This is the link for my repo GitHub - albarrank/mixed-messages

I chose to center mine around creating the 3-word inspirational quotes (i.e ‘live laugh love’)
I did make it harder on myself than I needed to but it was a good experience. I mostly ran into issues with learning how to use the ‘fs’ module in node as well as properly formatting the data from a .txt file as well as getting us to how async functions work.

Hi everyone! I decided to create a really small webpage, where we can see a little description and a couple of buttons to generate the mixed messages. I went for something kinda simple for the messages. You can see it in action here. Also, if someone wants to check the code, feel free to check it here. All kind of feedback is welcome.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

Hello guys! I have coded a tarot spread to tell you your fortune. This is an ongoing project, but, for now, I hope you can have some fun!

Hi everyone!
Here is my project. It was very easy to implement to-do list after reviewing codecademy example. It took less then one hour.

Hey everyone, here is my project. welcome any feedbacks!

quick link to project outcome:

Hi all!
Instead of generating completely mixed messages, I created a virtual fortune cookie that draws on similar javascript concepts.
I’ve completed 14% of the full stack developer course and this took me about 4 hours to complete. This was extremely fun to build!

Check it out and let me know what you think!

GitHub - derrickthegreat/fortune-cookie: Fortune cookie & Lotto Number generator

Hey everyone!
Here is my Mixed Messages Project.
I have created a program which is choosing between movies or TV shows depends of type of movie/TV show and prints a title of movie or TV show and type.
Any kind of feedback is welcome!
Have a nice day!

Hi everyone, I just finished the Mixed Messages project. It was very fun and not that hard, it helped me a lot to practice my Git, Github, and JavaScript skills.
I’m waiting for any kind of feedback to learn even more from this project!
Have a great day!

That was fun! Finally a chance to write some code outside of the Codecademy safe zone :laughing:

Here’s the link to my Ancient Shamanic Wisdoms message generator repository on Github: GitHub - onniworks/mixed-messages

Would love some feedback on the job I did:

  • Why is markdown in my README file not working? ← Ok I just figured this one out whilst typing the question, I had the extension of my README file on .txt instead of .md


Hi just finshed the project looking for some feedback anything will do :slight_smile:
GitHub Link

Hi everyone!
This is my Mixed-Messages Project

Hi all,

Here I my attempt at the mixed messages project. TBH, I’ve got four different files for this as I completed it in a very basic manner, then thought that I should try and challenge myself a little. This link is to the last iteration I made, though feel free to nose around and see the others.

Of course, if I learn to use Git properly then I wouldn’t need to create multiple versions! Here’s the link


Thanks guys!


This is the link of my MixedMessages Project: https://github.com/Mikheltodd/MixedMessages.git

It was an interesting project for me because I enjoy music and learned a lot collecting data for testing. The hard part of the project was to design the structure of the message for it to be coherent and meaningful.

Hope you enjoy it.


Hey Guys,
This is the link to my Repository : GitHub - yuvrajmaroo/MixedMessagesCodeCademy :smile:
Was an Easy Project for sure! Look forward to connecting with You All.

Hey everyone,

I found this project difficult at first but then kept playing around with the code and decided I wanted the user to be able to input their Sign and then get a randomized prediction and piece of advice.

let me know what you guys think!

here i tried this first time… little bit confused to use gitHub

Here’s my solution. Feedback is welcome. Thanks!