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Hi fellow coders,

Feels good saying that, although I am not there yet it is good to get some projects under the belt. I wasn’t lucky enough to find someone to buddy up on this one as per the requirement, so I carried on regardless.

My idea was to compile an array of heroes, and infamous hero quotes and randomly join them together.

I started out with a simple javascript program merging a couple of arrays and got this done pretty quickly, but on looking over the requirements for this, (for coding partner and planning out the project with kanban board) it seemed that this was too simple and a more indepth project was needed.

So I completed an online version, version 2, and then added some images. Then took a fair bit of time to sort out the responsive design in the media queries.

This was my final version, version 3, and I could do a lot more with it but it has already taken a full week to get to current state (I work as well and have family).

So again I have spent way too much time on this, judging from what others have done, but hopefully this will be a good simple project suitable for the portfolio.

On reflection if I had found this forum earlier and seen what others have done I would not have spent so long on it, but I have learnt a lot. more experience in using a javascript function to alter the webpage contents and more experience with media queries.

Media queries I am not totally grasping though, the order in which they are applied and how far do you take it. It seems that the order in which they appear in your css file matters, not just the screen sizes they apply to, also in one case I had to change from max width to min width as i couldnt get it to work. Anyone else having the same issue? or understand these better than I do?

I have attached a screen dump of my project as well.

Happy Coding


Mixed Up Heroes


I just cloned the repository to vs code all worked well, nice project!


HI Ertholin,

Just cloned your project and working great. Love the use of the emojies, Great wee program.

Best of luck with the rest of your course.


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Hey Jim,

Thanks for checking and the nice feedback! :slight_smile:


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Hello Codecademy,

My project, Cursed Quotes is where you insert any random words into the function as a parameter, and will splice it into a random inspirational quote giving you a humorous, nonsensical line.

Here is the following requested:

  1. Link to GitHub Repo: Cursed Quotes
  2. It was fun but then got to be a little tedious creating switch methods. Overall I enjoyed the project, and has made me laugh quite a bit testing it out. You might enjoy it as well. It took 1 week for me to complete.
  3. I will check back in, periodically. And look to review someone elses.

Glad to read that I wasn’t the only one questioning how quick this was compared to other projects!

Hi, here is my attempt at this project. Seemed a little simple… I might try to build it out a bit.


Hi there, here’s my version of this project :slight_smile:

Hey there everyone I just finished the messages project project. It was very simple but I did take a long time to get it done, I had trouble using the repositories. It took me 2 full days of being on the computer for a good while trying to figure things out but i got it deployed on Github! Here is my link:

Hello Folks,

I have created my first portfolio project of generating Random Lucky number, please review it

Hey coders,

The link of my repo: Practice-Projects/Messages.html at main · Cheetah4ever/Practice-Projects (github.com)

I hope I followed all the guidelines. This project was ok for me, didnt take too long to complete. :slight_smile:

If you have any questions please do let me know. Thanks.

Kind regards,