About the Portfolio Project: Mixed Messages category

Hello there dev folks!

You can check out my simple silly message generator below:

If you got any feedback on improvements, I am more than glad to hear them :wink:
Have fun running it! :slight_smile:

Hello everyone! I have just finished my message generator project. I would be appreciated for any feedback or suggestion.

GitHub link of my project: GitHub - hazalonler/inspirational_messages

It looks so well-designed! Comments made the project more readable

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Hello Everyone,

First time publicly sharing code with the world and looking for some feedback!

For this project I decided to do quotes from a few shows, the link to the project is below! Thanks in advanced for your feedback! :pray:t2:

Hello guys! :wave:t2:
Here is my implementation for the project. I decided to make a language learning generator with categories and common phrases in English. You can choose a category and press the button. Phrases will be shown randomly on the screen. I would be glad to receive any feedback :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
messageGenerator live site

Congratulations for your first project! It looks like a fun project

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It might be a useful site for parents :raised_hands:t2:

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Hello one and all!

For this project I chose to create a positive affirmation with a bit of future telling to meet the criteria. This program creates a sentence with random positive affirmation thrown in with a bit of fun random future telling, and a chance of subtle humour.

To me this meets the specification and I think I have done it in efficient coding i.e. I tried to complete the task in as few code lines as possible. Although it does feel overly simple, I feel I maybe I was supposed to make the project more complex? Either way I’m happy with it and running the project repeatedly is fun reading the outcomes!

The link to my project: GitHub (Portfolio Project - Mixed Messages)

I made a couple simple errors before pushing to GitHub via the command line to give me some more practice in the command line and understanding looking at log changes, as for some reason the command line side of things are not sinking in for me.

I welcome any feedback and hope someone checks it out. Thanks!

This is my Message Generator project, Please let me know your thoughts.
Link: GitHub - AbishekLalKumar/MessageGeenerator: My codeacedamy project to generate random messages.

The repository in Github
Live, soon

Work Call Out Generator
Hello Everyone,
Please feel free to check out my project on GitHub if you have a moment. Any feedback is appreciated. I am taking the Full-Stack Engineer course. My project allows a user to generate a work call out message based on a desired message tone. Take the day off! My README file explains how to run the code, but I also left in some test to easily see the code in action.

I’m sure there’s a better way to set this all up, but this is where my skill level is at the moment. I’m ready to grow with any advice! I enjoyed the project. The actual code structure didn’t take long at all. Maybe a little over an hour. I wrote most of it in pseudocode in about 5 minutes. The actual message content took a long time. I may have gone overboard there.

Thanks in advance, everyone!

Hi 2003salar,
I really like your project. The simple user interface is a nice touch, and the way you colorized your generated words showcases the function well. I’m not sure if it makes a difference, but I wonder if the length variable on line 8 of your index.js file is needed or if it would just be better to add array.length directly into line 9. Otherwise, everything looks good to me. There’s a few minor spelling issues (Project, Below), but that’s an easy fix. Cheers.

I truly like the concept of your project, and the styling is great! Everything seems to work as intended. I’m still learning how to properly integrate front-end, so I think you’ve nailed it there. The only little thing I see is that you named your file MessageGeenerator with two e’s instead of MessageGenerator. I will take some styling inspiration from you. Very cool.

You are adventurous and bold, you will travel to Ireland in the future. This is where you will find a warm doctor to explore the jungle with.

This is great! Your code is far more concise than mine. I also appreciate the effort you put into your readme file because I took this project as an opportunity to finally learn how to create a readme file with markdown. I only have one thing to add here in regard to your readme file: It looks as if you meant to link to your GitHub profile with your name on line 27. If that’s the case, you just need to delete the space between the closing bracket and the open parenthesis. Cheers, and good work!

Hi Fellow Coders:

This is the link to my repo: GitHub - hector-bravo-tello/mixed-messages: Random Inspirational Message

I will love to hear your feedback.



Mixed Messages - Random workout generator

Hi folks, here is my Mixed Messages project: GitHub - Aisling-Mry/Mixed-Messages: Codecademy project on generating random message.

I would appreciate any feedback. I look forward to browsing through the projects posted here.


Hello, here’s my take on the project. Perhaps I didn’t get everything spot on, but I enjoyed working on it. Could someone please review my code? Thank you.

Github repo

Hi guys,

here is my project:

I think I did this the easy way, rather than looping through the object I declared each array separatley. Any feedback most welcome!

Enjoying the full satck course so far.

I was so exciting realising this exercise. I am waiting for all your suggestions.

Hey all,

Here is the link to my GitHub-repo:
AdrianLesch/FanatsyNameGenerator—MixedMessages: This is a portofolio project for Codecademy’s FullStack-Engineer Career Path. (github.com)

Feedback appreciated, have fun! :slight_smile: