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Hey guys, I’ve finished my portfolio project and I’m sharing it with you.
This time, I saw that the file is divided into two parts, an executable file and an auxiliary function file. Keep up the good work.


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It was fun, please tell me where my code is horrible :slight_smile:

took me around 2 and a half hours if you don’t count the hour sat staring at the example code trying to figure out what everything does :slight_smile: thank you

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this is the link to my code. Its very basic but i think it does the job its suppose too GitHub - ryandavidson99/randomHoliday: randomHoliday


Hey everyone, here is the link to my Mixed Messages project. I decided to add an extra step and turn it into a simple website rather than a file to run in node. It’s fun to look at everyone’s projects and see all the different ideas :slight_smile:

Hi Everyone!
Glad to be a part of this huge community of developers! I am currenlty on Full Stack path and would like to contribute
to the mixed message portfolio project (any feedback is welcomed)

I am totally new here in the forums and in coding itself therefore excuse me in advance!

Hope you all have a wonderful day ahead

I like your plan.txt It gave me a comperhensive overview of your program. Hope you have landed your dream job.

Hi fellow members!
I completed my first portfolio project and would like some feedback. My program generates a random superhero name, power, and planet. This was my first project I completed using Git and so, I found myself wondering at what point do I make new commits. Then figuring how to upload onto GitHub from VSCode was another new challenge for me to learn. I am open and would like to hear what you guys think!
Here’s the link to my repo:

Here is my repo: GitHub - EmilioPG13/World-Generator-Project: Every time a user runs a program, they should get a new, randomized output.

It was easy because I managed to find good info online, it took me around 2 hrs, although someone with more experience could make it in a few minutes, it was good practice!

Hello everyone,

Here is my Mixed-Messages Project, this is the first portfolio project I’ve done. At first, I thought this would be as difficult as previous JavaScript project like Credit Card Checker or Mysterious Organism Project. However, it doesn’t. But I learn something about the Git and GitHub. How you push your local repository to the remote repository, how to use Markdown, and so on. Although it wasn’t that challenging, but I do enjoy learning new things.

My GitHub Repo

Hi, I just finished my first project named message-generator.
In this i used random number generator to choose the thought for today.
Used git bash and gitHub repositary in my simple code (coded in vs)

Hello Coders! I customized this project by inspiration for my love of basketball and video games. The README should tell you everything you need to know about it. I hope you like it!

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Hey! here’s the link to my Mixed Messages project. I decided to try something new and made an API request to generate a random Pokémon with their type, a random moveset and base stats. Any feedback is welcome & thanks for looking! :slight_smile:

Hi everybody. Here’s my project:
Excuse Generator (Mixed Messages portfolio project)

Hi everyone, here is a link to my repo:

I sort of did it the simple way, but KISS, right?

Hello fellow coders!

For this project, I chose to create a children’s fable generator, mixing some narrative and characters from classic fables.
At the end, our hero makes use of the ‘Gruffalo’ character as a way to get rid of their threatening opponent.

To challenge myself a little more, I decided to add some HTML frontend using the created logic, to make it possible to run the app in the browser, making it easier to test and read the generated stories. I hope you enjoy!

Web version - ONCE UPON A TIME…


Feel free to comment or make suggestions. And thanks for visiting!

Hi everyone!

Just finished my first Portfolio Project - a Random Message Fortune Generator for scientists’ amusement. Would love your thoughts!

Here’s the link: My First Project

Any feedback is welcome! Big Thanks!


Hi there,

I try to post my solution for the “Mixed Messages” Portfolio Project.
Any feedback will be very well appreciated.

Thank You

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Hello All,

This was a relatively straightforward project.

Any feedback is appreciated.

Hi everyone,

Here’s my attempt at the Mixed Messaged project. I’ve used simple array methods, no objects (I couldn’t think of a useful way to implement them without making the code unecessarily complicated–feel free to offer a suggestion!).

The link to my project: GitHub - EKHess/Mixed-Messages: A portfolio project in the Codecademy Full-Stack Engineering course

Once you’re there, you’ll notice two JavaScript files. I renamed the project from script.js to holyMessagesBatman.js nearer the end. Even though my local computer only has one file, GitHub stored both! Just a fun thing I noticed about Git and GitHub with this one.

It’s also much easier to git push to GitHub in VSCode’s terminal as opposed to my local machine’s terminal, where you need to first generate a passcode (classic) or fine-grained code on GitHub which is a tad annoying :sweat_smile:

I got a good kick out of the output messages from this, hope someone else does too.


Hey there @adallaureano !

Awesome work on implementing various aspects of the JavaScript II material into this project.
Super-simple and understandable code you wrote.

In addition, I liked how effective and straight-to-the-point your README.md file is.
The only thing I would recommend you do is actually utilise your formatWisdom() as one function that contains the entire logic, if you prefer keeping the code more organised :slight_smile: