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Hey guys, I’ve finished my portfolio project and I’m sharing it with you.
This time, I saw that the file is divided into two parts, an executable file and an auxiliary function file. Keep up the good work.


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It was fun, please tell me where my code is horrible :slight_smile:

took me around 2 and a half hours if you don’t count the hour sat staring at the example code trying to figure out what everything does :slight_smile: thank you

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this is the link to my code. Its very basic but i think it does the job its suppose too GitHub - ryandavidson99/randomHoliday: randomHoliday


Hey everyone, here is the link to my Mixed Messages project. I decided to add an extra step and turn it into a simple website rather than a file to run in node. It’s fun to look at everyone’s projects and see all the different ideas :slight_smile:

Hi Everyone!
Glad to be a part of this huge community of developers! I am currenlty on Full Stack path and would like to contribute
to the mixed message portfolio project (any feedback is welcomed)

I am totally new here in the forums and in coding itself therefore excuse me in advance!

Hope you all have a wonderful day ahead

I like your plan.txt It gave me a comperhensive overview of your program. Hope you have landed your dream job.