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Hey everyone! I wanted to share my project with you – a Magic 8-Ball using JavaScript You can check out the project here: GitHub - Ahmed-Alaa-Attia/codecademy-portoflio-project-1 . I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on this!

Hey guys!

So, my project was simple and each option of the three parts of the sentence would work with one another, so the “for” and “switch” weren’t necessary here.

Personally, the code itself wasn’t difficult, but I’m taking my first steps in using Git and GitHub, so that was the most challenging part for me.

Nevertheless, as it keeps happening throughout the Career Path, I had fun learning and practicing!

Any feedbacks and/or any piece of advice would be more than welcome!

Link to my GitHub Repo: GitHub - brunoricaldi/Message-Generator-Portfolio

Hello everyone! Here is my solution to the portfolio project.

I developed a fortune teller message generator. The program generates a 3-piece message that tells you your lucky number, your fortune, and advice depending on the fortune you got. The fortune piece of the message can vary between good or bad fortune, and the advice also varies on advice for good fortune and advice for bad fortune as well.

It’s implemented as a single object that includes the arrays containing the messages and methods that do the random selection for the final message. The first method gives you a number between 1-100, your lucky number. Next method chooses between good or bad fortune and selects a phrase randomly. The next, based on the previous fortune, selects advice randomly. The last one compiles the messages into a single string and returns the output.

At first, I had some difficulty grasping how to structure the output message, so I checked the example code for that. Then I wanted to add the possibility to get bad fortune, so I added functionality to randomly have it, and get advice accordingly.

Any feedback is more than welcome, as well as any questions!

Best to you all, and happy coding.

Hey everyone,
In my opinion, this was a very fun project. It took me about 3-4 hours with breaks in between. I did a star reader that tells the users stars, the reading of the stars and a lucky food.

Please take a look and let me know if you have any suggestions or questions!

Hey fellow coders,

The link of my repo: https://github.com/engineertang/Mixed-Messages :slight_smile:

Innitially, I have no big map on what the final result is. Rely on step-by-step guideline, and look up to MDN, google, to finish it.
Appreciated if you could send me some feedback.

The link to my project repo

I think this is quite a simple solution as it didn’t take me long to put together, but I’ve got an idea on how to make it more complex if I wanted to, as outlined in my README

Hey what’s gucci, fellow devs!

Here’s my take on the (totally dorky) mixed messages’ generator:


I’m more than welcome to hear your thoughts on this and if you can suggest some other (perhaps more efficient) ways of building the code.

Cheers :blush:

I love the implementation of the Switch statement with the [idx] index randomiser to get the pieces from each array!
I also like how you ‘framed’ the poem inside the ------- (I didn’t think about that)

My only teeny-tint nitpicking concern would be if you were to be able to refactor the code into one cohesive data structure (i.e.: an object, or a factory function)

For instance, your poemComps could be an object containing the comps, the empty array to push in, and store the crafted proem, and the for loop with the switch statement.

That way, your code would be a bit more organised into one “package”, and you would instantiate/invoke its method, such as .formatMessage() (but it’s just my opinion :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: )

Hello everyone.
Here’s a link for my first repo ever: https://github.com/LXMachado/Alex-s-Horoscope-Generator
I would appreciate any reviews and feedback.
There’s an issue that I’m not being able to fix. The background image does not load.
It loads when I run it locally on VSCode though. Perhaps the path?
Thanks heaps!


Hello guys, my project is a lunch decider, which solves daily struggle for deciding what for eat, have a nice lunch XD

Don’t be scard about those Chinese, cus I’m a Taiwanese and it’s a better way to say those restuarants and meals.

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Your implementation is cool~
I didn’t find anything wrong about your code, everything seems fine.

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Hi everyone, this here is my little JS script that can give you a new life with only a key stroke!

Well, to be specific, by running “node script.js” on your terminal :slight_smile:

Hey everyone,
I did a whole website for Chinese zodiac sign reading, star sign reading and fortune telling.
This is my first project like this.
Please let me know if there is anything I can do better.
Anything at all!
Thank you guys!
Portfolio-Project: Mixed Messages

Hi all,

here is my version of the project. I see mine is different than many, cool to see the different ways people accomplished the project. Plan to go back to add a more indepth readME, html and css as well as try another way of writing the JS to get practice. Any and all feedback is appreciated!

Auto Motivation JS

Hi all!

This is my version of the random message generator. I made it so it would “read your aura” with a little message on it, and then give a random philosophical question and a random piece of generic wisdom to the user.

I made the first one an object to assign a key and value, but the random bits just arrays. Any recommendations on improvement?

If I were to move this forward, i would eventually connect to a pretty frontend CSS and HTML page to display a card in the center that would flip over with the random selections.

Nonsense Philosophy

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Hey Codecademy Community! :wave:

Just wrapped up the Mixed Messages project, and I’d love your feedback! :star2: Added 92 knock-knock jokes, ranging from classic to nonsensical. Check it out on GitHub: Mixed Messages Repo :rocket:

Would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions you have. Comment here or in the GitHub issues. Thanks a bunch! :raised_hands:


This is a creative and engaging project that can bring joy to users. :blush: Here are some suggestions to make it even better:

  • Expand the list of auras and phrases for more variety.
  • Add elements like daily numbers or advice based on the chosen aura.
  • Introduce an option for users to select their preferred aura, questions, or wise quotes.
  • Implement checks to handle unexpected scenarios, such as empty arrays or objects.

These enhancements would make the project even more enjoyable and interactive!

Did a cute little Daily Affirmations web page. It picks an adjective and a quote from an array and combines them into one sentence. (Not looking for advice/criticisms at this time. Learning to code for fun!)
Live Page
Github Code


Here’s a link to my project: GitHub - madelinepdx/mixed-messages: Portfolio Project (JavaScript Syntax) for Codecademy

Hey Guys … :grin:

Here is my Portfolio Project for Mixed Messages.

(my first attempt at a README.md)

(the code for my JavaScript Message Generator)

I wanted to keep it simple, as it was the first portfolio project for the full stack pathway.

I tried testing a single element from an array to print randomly, then tested short sentences.

Then added the correct sentences, which print out if you want to see, as they should be only.

This is all in the README.md

All feedback is welcome.

Thank you :smiley:

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